In simple terms, a small company is always at chance of failure due to various problems. One of the biggest obstacles for the growth of small businesses is the cyber security concerns. A common and common myths that plague small businesses isthat this type of security is not suitable to be a threat. But, reality is that every business runs the risk of being targeted and harassed. With the advancement of technology, numerous modifications, it’s easy for hackers to automate attacks with little effort. Small businesses generally have weaker defenses with less time, and less knowledge of risks for investing in security. This makes them an easier attack target for hackers. In this report we will shed some an understanding of the top cybersecurity threats that small businesses face:

  • Phishing Attacks

There’s no escaping this fact: the largest and most well-known cyber security threats that plague all small businesses are the phishing attacks. Based on the most recent statistics 90% of cyber security-related attacks are related to attacks involving phishing. In addition, as time has passed, phishing attacks have risen exponentially in the past few years. If you’re unaware that a phishing scam is when an intruder tries to hound you via email, preposterously claiming to be from a trusted source. They’ll make you click on a fake link or download a suspicious file, thereby giving access to your private data or passwords. The issue with phishing attacks is that they quickly damage a company’s image.

  • Ransomware

The name itself suggests that ransomware attacks are an extremely well-known attacks in the world. It affects millions of companies each year. They’ve increased exponentially because technology itself has also advanced. Ransomware attacks are conducted in the hope of making money without effort. It is typically directed towards small firms, and they’re able to quickly expand without much effort. In the current time attacks on ransomware have grown by 71% in the past few years. To stop such attacks it is essential for businesses to be protected on all of its devices. This is why now is the ideal time to put in firewalls on your computer to be at ease knowing that hackers aren’t getting access to your data.

  • Malware Attacks

The malware itself is among the most dangerous security threats to cyberspace that has ever been seen. The term “malware” was coined due to the fact that it provides the hackers an opportunity to be hackers, who can obtain information and gain access to various networks. The attacks could seriously harm small-scale businesses, and could even end their existence without effort. It is recommended to use a reliable VPN to ensure that the location of your computer private. If the attacker gets access to your personal information and continues to pursue your business. But, if companies have high-tech security, it’s simple for them to stay away from these attacks. In the past malware attacks have claimed the lives of hundreds of businesses across the globe.

  • Weak Passwords

In essence, poor passwords are the primary reason hackers are able to obtain access to your personal information. Many small companies have opted on cloud-based solutions, they’re not sure whether it’s a good idea or not. When they are in a state of confusion the company eventually loses time and allow hackers to take that they have the ability to breach the system. In contrast small-sized companies could be affected due to inadequate passwords that employees use. According to recent research, about 19% of business professionals are willing to use guessable passwords. That’s why they are a target for hackers. It is always advisable to have a password management softwareto assist in strengthening your password.

  • Insider Threats

Not the least, the last and biggest danger to small businesses is the threat of insiders. While this may sound odd, however it’s true for every single one of us. A lot of times an organization is susceptible at the hands of employees who have left as well as current employees, associates and business contractors. Since they are able to access the most important information about your company and their inexperience could pose an enormous threat to your business. Particularly when former employees are concerned, they’re most likely to cause harm to your business , or acquire information that can help competitors. So, in order to rid your company of insider threats, it is crucial to build an environment that is characterized by internal security.


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