Welcome to Spin for Cash! App Review!

Recently, I came across another “money” game called Spin for Cash.

The company touts their software as an opportunity to win hundreds of dollars, but the best part is risk-free!

As if the cash incentive wasn’t enough, you can get an iPhone 12 in just 7 days.

Sounds too good, doesn’t it? That’s why this app has been created over his 500,000 times.

I know of such programs that give consumers a chance to get paid after reaching a certain credit limit.

Whether you’re struggling to pay your bills or just want to have fun and make money, this post will save you a lot of time.

Do spinning rules apply to cash? Read on to find out!

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Name: Spin to Cash
Company: Image Storage
Target: US population (+18)
Minimum withdrawal amount: $2 (Amazon Gift Card), $100 (Paypal)
Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
Overall Rating: 1/5

What is Spin to Cash?

Spin for Cash is a card game developed by Hong Kong-based Shape Keeper with over 20 apps on the Play Store.

The most popular are Lucky Money, Lucky Spades and Pusher Mania. Check out their solitaire game!

After players collect a certain amount of money, we offer each virtual dollar that can be transferred to PayPal. B. $100 or $200.

Spin for Cash requires $100 to redeem a PayPal or Amazon gift card. Before deciding whether it’s fake or not, let’s take a closer look at this app.



How do cash transfers work?

Access right
Spin for Cash is available for US residents only. You can also play the game in another country, but in this case you will not be charged. absolutely!

Spin for Cash is available for free on the Play Store. After downloading the application, a large car widget will appear on your screen.

No need to login or grant questionable privileges. However, the company collects personal information in several ways. So, if you are concerned about your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy before playing Cash for Spins.

spinning for money? do you pay

I’ve looked at many Shape Keeper games and have yet to find one that actually costs money.

Update: Some Shape Keeper games award a $2 Amazon gift card to those who collect millions of coins. This game is one of them!

As with other apps, complaints about Spin for Cash on PlayStore are on the rise.

One player reported that for three consecutive weeks he played four hours a day. He promised to track his $100 check, but he won 94.16 million coins.

He lost 84 hours of his life. Can you imagine!

This guy can earn $100 just by doing simple tasks on his GPT sites like Prizerebel!

Once you reach a certain amount (about $70 to $73), you only pay 1 cent at a time, and reaching $100 is nearly impossible.

But there is another potential problem. Some levels won’t open the game and spin even after winning about $70.

He cannot predict with 100% certainty if Spin for Cash will be paid out. All I can say is that the odds are not in your favor.


There is a limit to the number of coins and coins you can win with Spin for Cash.

just like any other game. This is an easy way to raise money in the first place and motivates you to go out and watch videos.

However, after a certain threshold, the reward is too low and you have to give up.

If you can’t afford to waste time in the current climate we live in, you’ll regret playing Spin for Cash.


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