The best apps to manage businesses Business isn’t an easy task to master. Children these days are planning early and follow their dreams, like Bill Gates or Elon Musk in order to become entrepreneurs and run their own company. However, there are business issues that are only encountered when you own your own company. If you run an established company with employees and staff who are dedicated to who are able to handle all of the important tasksare done, you don’t think operating a business like that too difficult. If you’re just beginning your own business or run a small-sized business it is likely that you will encounter certain issues, particularly in the area of management or poor management.

This is due to the fact that small-sized businesses typically don’t have a dedicated team for every major task or have the funds to pay for that many employees and manage the staff in addition. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to utilize apps to run your businesses. There are a lot of apps available online to help you with every business task. For small-sized businesses, the apps can be employed as one of the most effective methods to grow your business.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the top applications available on the internet to help with every important business function. The apps are available to download from the internet. Some are free, while some require a fee. They are all efficient for certain. So, let’s begin:

Account management applications

Accounting is among the most essential tasks of any small-sized or company. The proper bookkeeping and accounting will aid in keeping an eye on your company’s earnings and the profits you are earning, and in more general terms, the finances of your company. Therefore, you are able to think and apply other strategies for business growth to maximize your earnings.


Wave is among the few completely free accounting software available online since the majority of popular accounting applications on the internet require the purchase of a subscription for a month or an year. However, Wave doesn’t require the latter. Instead, it offers numerous options to process payroll and payments and generates its revenue from payment processing.


To access the app you must have an annual subscription. It is however one of the most affordable Account apps available online, with a few of the finest features. With the online function and the mobile app of FreshBooks it is easy to monitor your balance sheet and expenses, invoices, and more. While, this application is also known for its finest customer support services as well as its fantastic features and affordable subscription costs.

The QuickBooks Online

Of all the names that are referred to as top accounting software to run businesses, QuickBooks holds a special place. Therefore, QuickBooks can handle anything from tax-related accounting to payrolls as well as accounting for inventory and profit analysis, and more with regards to managing accounts. But, these functions differ according to the version you’re using. This is by far the most frequently utilized accounting software available on the internet. Therefore, you can discover a variety of other business apps online that are integrated with this one in some way.

It is possible to use the app for mobile accounting from QuickBooks to create invoices and monitoring expenses, tracking mileage and other accounting tasks quickly.

Payroll applications

It is necessary to pay them when you employ people aren’t you? and keeping track of every employee’s pay isn’t easy. There are a lot of applications available on the web that you can utilize to track your employees’ wages including withholdings, as well as tax filing.


The most appealing feature of the Payroll4free application is that it’s cost-free. It does, however, charge monthly fees for tax filing fees , and in addition the year-end processing fee for W-2. In addition to this, it also offers intriguing features, such as vacation time tracking and direct deposit, paper checks portals for employees, as well as live customer support.

QuickBooks payrolls

As we have mentioned previously, QuickBooks offers various apps for managing businesses. Therefore, numerous apps of QuickBooks are bundled with one the other. But, the QuickBooks payroll application doesn’t have a low cost. It costs $45 per month and $4 more for every employee that is included in its basic plan. It also covers tax filings and payment. It is still used by small entrepreneurs since it provides every state in the United States full-service payroll services. Another benefit of this application is that it provides unlimited payrolls, same day or next-day deposit, as well as an immediate connection for direct access to QuickBooks online. It is also beneficial for employees since they can look up pay stubs, the remaining days of vacation balances, as well as withholdings.

Point-of-Sale (POS) apps

The term might sound unfamiliar to business owners of all kinds since this type of service isn’t utilized specifically by all companies, but there are some select businesses. The POS software allows users to call customers and meet their sales goals. Restaurants typically utilize the POS application to run their the business. The apps assist them with managing tables and coordination.


The app is extremely popular and you might have been aware of this app. The POS app is renowned for transforming the small business applications’ market. The app is also noted for enhancing the process of processing credit card transactions for businesses.

This app can be utilized as a full POS provider , as it can also be a basic mobile POS, and card swiper. The app comes with a variety of variations that provide various hardware and software options. The base edition of the application is priced at 2.6 percent plus $0.10 for every payment in person it accepts.

PayPal Here

Another very popular POS company, and is regarded as one of the most effective apps for managing the business processes such as processing invoices, credit cards and checks via the phone of the user. Contrary to the square app this application offers the most simple and quickest methods of accepting payment. Additionally, it only costs the 2.7 percent cost for each U.S swipe.

However, there is a drawback of this app too. Because PayPal is the sole owner of the app it operates through the user’ PayPal account instead of their bank account. So, the user needs to make sure that the POS application is correctly linked in the PayPal account.

App to track time along with team-management

Monitoring time and managing teams are essential for success across all fields and in business, too. When you have many employees, it can be hard to control these tasks efficiently. So, it is best to use software that will help you accomplish these tasks.


It is among the most frequently used apps for managing the business, and also perform tasks like full-service payroll. It is also utilized as an HR software. The HR tasks that this application can handle are monitoring sick leaves or sick days as well as and calculating vacation time. Other crucial tasks this application handles are managing payrolls, filing and calculating taxes on payroll (at both the state and federal levels) as well as ensuring the compliance.

Although, this isn’t an app that is free. It requires an annual subscription, which is priced at $39 to access this application. Additionally the app charges $6 per month per person.


If you’re a small-sized business owner, thinking about these apps as part of your expansion strategies can help greatly. These are the top apps for managing the business as well as other crucial management tasks. For your convenience we’ve tried to identify and present the best of the apps for free, in order to ensure that you don’t hesitate to give these apps a try.


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