Want a new design style this spring? Shinesapparel.com is an online store specializing in the sale of new summer accessories.

The store has a lingerie and fancy section, where you can find new designer branded clothes for women’s fashion. We promise to be a store equipped with the latest fashions and stylish clothes. It caters to the needs of Indian consumers. However, consumers look to Shine Sapparel reviews to investigate whether it is legit.

What is Shine Sapparel?

Shine Sapparel is an online store that sells a wide range of fashion wear and accessories. This store focuses on meeting women’s fashion needs. India claims to have the best collection of lingerie and underwear for its customers.

We have a wide range of stylish and sophisticated women’s clothing, and they are categorized by category, so buyers can browse through our products with ease. Fashion retailer focuses on new affordable spring collections. However, customers refuse to purchase items from the store without verifying whether they are legitimate or counterfeit.


Website – https://shinesapparel.com/ Privacy Policy
Accessories – jackets and underwear
Payment – Internet bank accounts, credit/debit cards and codes
Email Support – Shinesapparelinfo@gmail.com
phone not available
Address – no designation
Email – no
Domain Time – Written on Jan 10, 2022 Feb 28
Shipping & Delivery – Items will be dispatched within 1-2 business days from the date of order. The search number is in the email at the end of the document. The date and time will be notified by email.
Earnings and Refunds – According to a review by Shinesapparel, the store has a 15-day redemption period for shares or shares. Customers may increase their return or exchange request within 15 days of delivery. After verification, you can return the item to the original payment method.
Social Network Availability – Social networks do not have a default page.

Advantages of Shine Sapparel Clothes

Last summer women’s fashion was sold.
Clothes are designed for women.
Discount available upon request
go for a walk
The product market has been well segmented into various segments.

throw away shiny clothes

The owner of the name is unknown
The website does not provide a valid address or number
The store does not have a regular social networking site.
There is no problem with this store.

Glossy clothes and fantasy rules?

There have been so many scams that online shoppers need to shop online safely. After reviewing Shinesapparel.com, we found the following issues as the seller is not considered an authorized website.

Mayor names are only valid for one month registered on April 28, 2022. This list is only valid for one year from the expiration date of April 28, 2023.
Confidence was 2% and confidence was 38.8% out of 100. This is bad news that can irritate customers.
I couldn’t find any information on the internet because Shine Sapparel was new and not very popular in online stores.
Social networks, contact numbers and addresses to check do not have active pages.
No owner information is distributed on this page.
Various abbreviations not found.
All of these facts underscore that the market is unreliable and should be analyzed before buying from the market to avoid fraud.

What is a customer review?

There is no customer policy on the store website. Therefore, no comments or comments are displayed on the page. I also searched online stores and couldn’t find any information about Shine Sapparel on the Internet.

Some videos are not attached or have no description. Also, the store doesn’t have pages on social networks, so you won’t see reviews or comments from previous users. Therefore, it is recommended to search and check the store before making a purchase to avoid unnecessary scams. Also, customers read the following steps.


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