Is it safe to say that you are thinking about what is the new Doodle by Google today? On the off chance that you are somebody partial to scholarly works, you will not know nothing about Severino Reyes. Google has honored the famous writer from the Philippines. Over his lifetime, he has distributed various abstract works, and his accounts showed up on Liwayway Magazine, helped to establish by him in 1922.

This article gives you a nitty gritty knowledge into Severino Reyes Works and expounds more data about his life and calling. Consequently, keep on perusing the whole article till the finish to find out about his works.

Outline of Severino Ryes

Severino Reyes, brought into the world as Severino Reyes y Rivera, was brought into the world on 11 February 1861. He was brought into the world in Manila, the Captaincy General of the Philippines. Moreover, as a Filipino essayist, he additionally coordinated many plays as a dramatist. One of his essential kinds where he worked at large was plays.

More Information On Severino Reyes

According to sources, Reyes wedded Maria Paz, his cherished companion, and had 17 kids.
He was conversant in Spanish and Tagalog. Other than likewise comprehended different dialects like Latin, Hebrew, Greek, and so on
Severino Reyes was generally well known for composing a book named “Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang which in a real sense means Tales of Lola Basyang.
It included stories told by an old lady called Lola Basyang.
He is known as the Father of Filipino Plays.

Severino Reyes Works

Severino Reyes composed the greater part of his books under the pseudonym of Lola Basyang and was nicknamed Don Binoy. As a dramatist, his most striking works incorporate Mga Kuwento ni Basyang. Additionally, a significant number of his accounts were likewise distributed in Liwayway Magazine that was helped to establish by him on 18 November 1922.

Hereon, he went to become one of the magazine’s generally perused exposition highlight scholars. One more well known work of Severino, which was a play, was Walng Sugat, which artistic means No Wounds, devoted to the progressive nearby armed force.

Last Conclusion

Likewise noted as the Father of Filipino Plays, google has devoted 11 February 2022, which is additionally his birthday, adding a doodle to its web index page. He kicked the bucket on 15 September 1942 because of Parkinson’s sickness in World War 2.

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