In the next article, we’ll learn more about the Wiki missile R9x and how it was recently used to destroy terrorists in Afghanistan.

Have you heard about Hellfire missiles? Why do people want to know about bombs? The Hellfire missile or R9x is an AMG missile designed for deep attacks on armored vehicles or payloads.

Recently, rumors about the R9x rocket have spread on the Internet, and people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India want to know the purpose of the R9X rocket. Therefore, you can read this article to get some basic information about R9xRocketWiki.

Information about R9x rocket

The R9x or AGM-114 Hellfire missile can target aerial and land targets such as tanks and ships. This is a large missile that can destroy any large vehicle. For example, missiles designed solely to attack enemy territories and terrorist sites. …

The rocket was last launched in the 1990s during the assassination of Aiman ​​Zawahiri, known for his brutal murder. There is a radar that turns it on and off before you start working. Rockets carry up to 100 pounds.

Hell bomb r9xWiki

People look up important information about r9x (Hellfire) missiles on Wikipedia to see if they can attack terrorist targets and vehicles, and the importance of the mission to kill the former leader of the terrorist group Queda Aima in 1990. Did. The situation of terrorism where Zawahiri and he escorted an armored vehicle.

On July 31, the US government attacked the Al-Zawahiri terrorist group in Afghanistan. This attack is the biggest attack in recent years. Alzawa Hiri was involved in nine of the 11 terrorist attacks.

More details are available on the R9x Rocket Wiki.

R9x AGM missile, also known as Hellfire. Missiles can be launched from attack helicopters that can use the missile’s laser to find the target and land on the target before hitting the target’s aircraft.

These heavy missiles are carried by AH-64 Apache helicopters to destroy the missiles and transport vehicles. After the U.S. military destroyed the base in Alzawahiri, Afghanistan, people wanted to learn the complexity of the bomb, how it works, and how it works. The Hellfire Rocket r9x wiki will help you find what you are looking for. Also, different armies have different models of these missiles.


On July 31, 2022, US troops used R9x (114 Hellfire) missiles to destroy Al-Zawahiri terrorist forces in Afghanistan. Therefore, many people want to know the interpretation of the world catastrophe.

Have you heard about the R9x rocket? You can also share your thoughts and ideas in the sections below. For more information on the R9x Rocket Wiki, see this Wikipedia page.


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