Do you stress over the power going out? Whether your anxiety is because of serious climate, strain on the power framework, or a Judgment day situation it’s vital to have a plan B for when the power goes out. While you can simply go out and purchase a spotlight at practically any store that is not a drawn out arrangement – what happens when the batteries run out? You really want a solid arrangement and on the off chance that it offers extra highlights, stunningly better! Consider evaluating the Qinux Brick Pro. This is an effective gadget in three distinct structures; a light, speaker, and radio. We should find out about the Qinux Brick Pro, its capacities, and how to get (at least one).

What is Qinux Brick Pro?

The Qinux Brick Pro is a convenient gadget, weighing 450 grams (somewhat less than one pound.) The Qinux Brick Pro is a multi-practical gadget that includes a battery, two electric lamps, an AM/FM radio, a Bluetooth speaker, a Trans Flash (TF) card peruser, a compass, and a SOS button! It has a dependable battery that permits you to have light, pay attention to music, and charge your contraptions in any event, when you don’t approach power. The Qinux Brick ProSolar permits you to partake in the utilization of a solid mechanical gadget.

How does the Qinux Brick Pro function?

The Qinux Brick ProSolar Bluetooth speaker has three unique capacities;

It tends to be utilized to charge different gadgets
The Qinux Brick Pro obliges USB accusing ports viable of most devices. The Qinux permits you to charge your gadgets no matter what your area. The battery is enduring (around 8 hours) and can be re-energized effectively with the goal that you can keep on involving it as long as you want.

A dependable radio to pay attention to music.

Having a radio to depend on for enlightening or diversion designs is an additional benefit during journey exercises. It can likewise be fundamental in case of a catastrophic event or serious climate occasion assuming that the power goes out. The device is furnished with an AM/FM radio as well as a Bluetooth music.

A light that enlightens extraordinarily

A decent lighting source is fundamental, particularly when in far off regions or when the power goes out. The Qinux Brick Pro has two lights that offer various degrees of brightening relying upon what your need is. It is additionally outfitted with surrounding lighting so you can see what you’re doing.

Different highlights of the Qinux Brick Pro

It is a waterproof
The Qinux Brick Pro is waterproof; this implies that it very well may be utilized wherever you go, whether you’re investigating in the wild or unwinding by the pool. The speaker is IP68 confirmed so it is protected from other natural factors that might influence its working.

S.O.S. what’s more compass

The device is made with the best highlights to suit endurance needs, whether you are in the wild or after a serious climate occasion. It has an attractive compass as well as a SOS alert button for crisis circumstances.

Radio and speaker

The Qinux Brick Pro has an AM/FM radio and Bluetooth speaker to keep you educated and engaged regardless of where you are. The gadget has the best association that keeps you refreshed and informed disregarding your area.

Convenient battery

The Qinux Brick Pro is a convenient battery. The battery is quick charging too to keep you controlled regardless. As a battery-powered battery, it very well may be re-energized by sun based power, with a dynamo (hand-wrench), or by means of a charging link.

Is the Qinux Brick ProSolar Bluetooth speaker for you?

The Qinux Brick Pro is a mechanical gadget for anybody. The device is additionally appropriate for individuals who take part in investigation or open air exercises along with anybody who lives in regions with continuous power outages, or regions that are prone to cataclysmic events or extreme climate that upsets power. There can be upwards of 40,000 tempests consistently all over the planet! Any of them could upset your power supply, particularly on the off chance that they are adequately extreme to annihilate trees and electrical cables, or bring forth cyclones!


How is the Qinux Brick Pro utilized?

The Qinux Brick Prosolar’s elements permit it to have the accompanying capacities;

It very well may be utilized as a spotlight
It very well may be utilized to charge different contraptions
It very well may be utilized as a radio for data or diversion
It has a compass
Contains a SOS button for crises
How might I gain the Qinux Brick Prosolar Bluetooth speaker?
You can arrange the Qinux Brick Prosolar by signing into the producer’s true site.


The Qinux Brick Prosolar is at present being presented at a half markdown – for $115 per unit. They likewise offer multi-unit manages extra limits and free transportation.

About Qinux Brick ProSolar Bluetooth speaker

The Qinux Brick Pro is a multi-utilitarian innovative gadget with dependable elements to suit various requirements. The speaker is completely intended for brightening, amusement, and charging gadgets. The device can be gotten to on the creator’s true site at a limited cost. .

Last Word

No one can really tell when you could have to have a wellspring of light and data when the power goes out. Everybody actually should have a power fall back and have a good sense of security whether you are far away from home when the power goes out or not. On the off chance that you are searching for a dependable, multi-utilitarian gadget, think about buying the Qinux Brick Pro.


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