Monday is a cloud-based tool created in 2012 for app development and project management. It is a versatile tool to track bugs, CRM, and execute campaigns efficiently. The Asana software is another project manager with similar capabilities. It has a workflow builder, reporting tools, and goal setting features to help you stay on track. 

The following is a brief guide of project management tools Monday vs Asana project management software to help you understand the differences between the two. 

What is

Monday cloud-based software offers business solutions to professionals all around the world. The software also features a project management suite that enables customers to combine all project management steps in one location.

In a word, Monday is a place where teams can monitor tasks jointly, interact on each project step, evaluate progress using data, scheduling choices, and performance settings, and keep everything on a single platform.

Additionally, the software provides connectors that make applications like Monday a must-have for groups functioning in a fluid setting.

What is Asana?

Another cloud-based project management tool that meets the demands of small and medium-sized businesses is Asana project management software. The program offers a one-stop shop for workflow management, portfolio management, and task management.

Calendars, lists, Gantt charts, and Kanban Boards are all ways to track the progress of your job. Additionally, you may work with your team by utilizing Asana’s built-in communication capabilities.

Asana is a project management solution that is extensively utilized throughout the globe due to its simplicity of use.

Similarities between Monday and Asana

There are some features that share similarities:

Task Management Features

Asana: Creating tasks, establishing task goals, such as deadlines, assigning tasks to team members, and monitoring tasks using lists, boards, and timeline views are all part of task management in Asana.

The ‘My task’ tab on the main page allows you to view the chores that need to be finished shortly. Additionally, by clicking on any job, you can see all of its information and add papers for teamwork.

Monday: Almost identical task management is used on, but the tasks are referred to as ‘pulses. You can establish dependencies in the tasks as well as pulses and assign them to team members.

By looking at the task overview in your task manager, you may also keep track of the work’s progress. The task statuses inform the team of the job’s progress. You may manage weekly team activities as well as daily to-do lists with the program. Tasks can be created by the team lead and distributed to the team members.

Portfolio Management 

Asana: Zooming out on the daily tasks in Asana will allow you to examine the portfolio of active projects. Because the portfolio displays each project’s state, you won’t miss any projects when managing many projects at once.

Monday: To aggregate any sub-benchmark of your project, however, you can utilize Monday’s ‘Groups’ function. You may create a portfolio tab by combining all of your active projects into one location using the group tool.


Workflow Management 

Asana: In Asana, you may control workflow by using several ‘view’ categories: lists, boards, and timelines are some of the views. These perspectives all depict the workflow in different ways. To observe the workflow, drag & drop tasks into the selected view.

Monday: Workflow management on is quite similar to that of Asana. However, it is simpler to transition between several visual project workflow components. You can control the process using by using Kanban boards, charts, and timelines.


Monday and Asana have tiered pricing plans. Monday has five whereas Asana has four pricing options. Here are the pricing options: 

  • Up to 5 seats are offered by the free plan. It can be used to manage unlimited boards and has a few other features too.
  • The basic pricing plan costs $8 per seat for monthly payment. A minimum of 3 users is required to access this plan too. You will also receive 5GB of file storage on the basic pricing plan. 
  • The standard pricing option is billed $10 and there is 20GB of data storage available for users to manage their digital assets. 
  • The cost of the pro subscription plan is $16 and there is 100GB of data storage available. This pricing plan can support an unlimited number of users too. 
  • To get heightened security and a wider range of admin console features, you can also opt for the enterprise plan. The cost of the enterprise is customized according to the number of team members that you have. 

The Asana pricing options are as follows:

  • The first option is called basic and it can be used by individuals for personal task management. There is unlimited file storage available but the file size is limited to 100MB. 
  • The cost of the premium pricing option is $13.49, per month. The premium plan can be used for planning projects. It also has a workflow builder.
  • The business plan is billed for $30.49. With this option, you can also balance workload. 
  • The enterprise pricing plan is customizable and it is ideal for companies that are looking for centralized visibility. Reviews

The reviews establish its efficacy for project management. It has been successful in providing reliable tools to manage tasks and boards. 

Asana Reviews

There are thousands of Asana reviews that claim that it has made project management easier. The workflow builder has been a huge reason behind Asana’s success among clients.

The Asana demo is a quick introduction but you can check out its functionality before you sign up. 

The Final Thought 

There are many similarities between the Monday and Asana software. However, this comparative guide shows that the project management tools Monday vs Asana project management software have some differences based on their prices. Similarly, more users have found Monday’s interface to be more user-friendly compared to Asana’s. The Asana software has more options for customizing workflows. Keeping these factors in mind, you can see which software has more to offer your organization. 


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