Pokemon fans are excited about the return of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. My favorite games are back with cool new designs and items, and loads of great gifts. Players can exchange sparkling gems and Pearl Mystery prizes for rewards like Legendary Pokémon Eggs and a special outfit. Today we are going to explain how you can unlock a shiny gift of mysterious pearls.

How do you associate a stunning diamond with a sparkling pearl without knowing the gift codes?

There is an easy way to unlock Pokemon BDSP Mystery Boons. To do this, players must find their first token and defeat the galactic marines. If they win, players will be able to watch TV in Jubilife City. The photographer is on the third floor of the building. Players must talk to him to get an uncovered reward. When he asks a question, answer him with “All successful Wi-Fi connections.” This will allow players to unlock the mystery prize. They gave a different answer, and wanted to open some white labels. An Unknown Gift Pack will now be available in the start menu.

How to get a big diamond and a sparkling pearl as an unknown gift?

Players can earn their mystery gifts by pressing the X to open the start menu and then clicking on the mystery gifts package. Players can now choose ‘online download’ or ‘download with code/password’. Then click on “Gift Transfer Mystery” to receive the gift.

These are the Pokemon BDSP gift codes. Hope you enjoy Pokemon Walk with them. For more Pokemon news and tips, visit our Pokemon BDSP guide: How to get and use the rig? The Pokemon BDSP: How to Download and Use Defog?


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