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Title: PHD,  随身带个狩猎空间

Author(s): Blue Sky Washing Precipitation

Species(s): Xuanhuan

Outline of estimation exactness

Lu Ze rose to the stars 2,000 years after the fact.

The primary proprietor of this body had cherishing guardians and a delightful sister. In spite of the fact that her acting ability was normal, her life was full. You could say it was a fantasy start. Lou was extremely cheerful.

Yet, when he nodded off, he went into another state.

He nearly fell when he attempted to battle a ten foot white hare. In the wake of carrying out the grisly homicide, Lu Ze acknowledged it didn’t appear to be so straightforward.

Subsequent to killing the animals around here, you can get little logs that can utilized for ranch.

It turns into a timeless woods.

In any case, it seemed like he could anticipate global power and strength?

Pocket Hunting Aspect (WN) is a well known light clever in the activity, experience and parody classifications. Composed by the creator of Blue Sky Washing Precipitation. 569 parts have been deciphered and more sections are being interpreted.

Sack deal letter

light them

Lu Ze went from present day Earth to 2,000 years later, where people started to improve chi in the wake of fighting different species in the universe.

In his longing to arrive at undeniable levels as a military craftsman, the first Lu worked constantly on Ze, misleading his chi way to go, bringing about his passing.

Lu Ze’s family is rich on account of the apparel organization his folks began. They need more cash, they can utilize the meat of wild creatures to purify their bodies, and they live in a three-story house with a huge nursery and a 300 square meter practice room uncommonly intended for Lu Ze and Lu Li’s folks thought that he is in the “Xishui Timberland” on the edges of Chang Yang and embraced him.

Lu Ze can enter the Pocket Chase aspect one time per day.

Cutoff time left: 1 day + or passing

duplicate in the nursery

Qiuyue Hesha is Lu Ze’s most memorable spouse that he can corner (she is likewise quick to despoil Lu Ze, so Lu Ze figured she could bring him).

lu li

Lu Ze’s more established sister. He has a greater number of gifts than the first Lu Ze. Turn into a level 7 military craftsman. At first, his ability in hand to hand fighting method was at that point “noteworthy”.

Lu thinks it is truly dark when cut. At school, he is respectful and equipped, both scholastically and physically. She is the obedient young lady for educators and the ideal young lady for different guardians.

A sado dere (one who likes to play with the sensations of darlings), however that side of Lu Li is just his supportive sibling Lu Ze, whom he cherishes.

He’s a genuinely horrendous cook.

She’s in finished control as her sibling endlessly insults her, yet behind the security of her room entryway, she flails uncontrollably with happiness and joy like a common tsundere.

For instance

Dead beasts will respawn sooner or later. Beasts that don’t bite the dust can continue developing and getting further.


The principal beast met Lu Ze. He is at the lower part of the well established pecking order in Pocket Hunting Aspect.

They are three feet tall with dark red eyes and columns of sharp teeth.

He had the ability to battle Lu Ze north of 100 fights prior to being killed. Lu Ze was at the fourth degree of military craftsman around then.

Leave a couple of tall cherry red stems that emit a delicate gleam.

They are generally tracked down in little gatherings or separately, however assemble in deep, dark holes.

There are more grounded freaks that are a similar size as the Green Wolf he experienced previously, yet he can be killed by Lu Ze when he acquires level 8 ordinary battle power. the size of an energy organic product.

green wolf

The Green Wolf looks like a tiger and is 1.5 meters long. His fur and eyes were light green like grass. A Breeze Essential God Picture can be utilized.

The principal individual to kill Lu Ze had a power more prominent than level two of the otherworldly battle state. Four blood red blocks, two pistachio-sized purple blocks, and a whirlwind wind fell.

brilliant bird

It has a wingspan of in excess of ten meters that Lu Ze found in the principal episode.

red lion

The two-meter-tall red lions can kill the component god Ar

intriguing canines

1.6 meters tall, canvassed in fine dark reinforcement. It very well might be equivalent to the dark canines referenced previously. They live in groups and Lu Ze found them in a cavern somewhat greater than the deep, dark hole. They can shoot chunks of dim energy from their mouths with strong mental assaults.

His solidarity is better than that of a nine level battle hero.


30 cm tall, can utilize clairvoyant assaults. He delivered five red enthusiasm organic product balls.

a dark winged serpent

A western-style mythical beast with dark wings, three wings, and two sets of paws. When it flies from the principal area in the portable hunting aspect, a solitary fold of its wings can release a tempest. Lu Ze just felt that the strain would squash his heart. He thought it was up to a kite.

New Pocket Hunting Scale Parts.

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600. Section 597 The legacy of the egg

599. Section 596 That Was Astounding! [Monthly ticket demand ~

598. Part 595 This Wound Tasteful Isn’t Great


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