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Positioning: fourteenth month to month sees multiple times

Elective choice: 随身带个狩猎空间

Storyteller: Paint the sky blue

Type: Xuanzang

Rundown of twofold measures

Lu Jie was moved to interstellar time quite a while back.

The past proprietor of this body had adoring guardians and cherishing sisters. His driving abilities are normal, yet his life is fascinating. We can say that the fantasy has started. Lu Chi was extremely cheerful.

Yet, when he awakened, he ended up in an unusual spot.

He attempted to kill the long white bunny. After a long battle, Lu Ji understands it’s not generally so natural as he naturally suspected.

In the wake of overcoming a beast that size, he had the option to find a little sphere that he could develop.

That ought to make him undying.

However, might we at any point hope to overcome an invulnerable universe?

Couple Hunting New Aspect (WN) is one more famous game with activity, experience and parody modes. The maker of “The deluge that washes the blue sky”. Section 569 has been interpreted, others are as yet being deciphered.

large sacks hunting

composed by luze

by M. In 2000, Lu Jie turns into a future man to deal with subsequent to battling against different clans on the planet.

The main steered China off course and prepared constantly to turn out to be something other than a military craftsman.

Lu Ji’s family is exceptionally rich because of the apparel organization that her folks established. They don’t have a lot of cash, however they can treat their bodies with a ton of creature tissue and live for Lu Ze and Lu Li in a three-story loft with a nursery and a space of 300 square meters. His folks found and embraced him in “Shishui Timberland” on the edges of Zhangyang’an.

Lu Ze can take part in the Pocket Chase one time per day.

Term: 1 day + or til’ the very end

crop creation

Chiuyu Hesha is the main lady Lu Jie can ship off chase (she took Lu Jie’s girl first, so Lu Jie figures she can take her).

Composed by Lou Lee

The guardians of the fundamental person, Roko. More grounded than the first Rako. Turn into a combative techniques ace in 7 levels. At first, his hand to hand fighting were at that point “experienced”.

At the point when Rozi opened it he thought it was dark. All understudies in the school are polite, respectful, persistent and athletic. She listens well to her educator and is the ideal young lady for different guardians.

Despite the fact that he concurs with Sadadere (who likes to profit by his fans’ sentiments), one side of Lu Li lets him know that he just loves his sibling Lu Ze.

awful cook.

She seldom composes when her sibling prods or condemns her, however outside her room entryway she shouts out with delight and bliss like a red hot thunderclap.

various standards

Dead creatures return after a specific time. Killing monsters can be hard not.


This was Ruzi’s most memorable gathering. The lower part of the established pecking order on a pocket scale.

He is 3 feet tall with red eyes and columns of teeth.

He battled Rataku north of 100 times prior to being killed. Lu Jie was then associated with the fourth period of the fight.

Simply add a cherry-sized sparkle ball.

They are normally little or single, however gather in hare tunnels.

He had abilities like the green wave he experienced before, however Rako, who had ordinary level 8 battle strength, could kill him. Drop a major red ball.

green grass

The green squirrel is 1.5 meters long. His hair and eyes are unadulterated red hot green. Can utilize wind sorcery.

The principal Lu Jie was more grounded than the subsequent level battle state. Four dim purple openings, two pea-sized purple balls, and a flood of air emerged.

the golden eagle

With a wingspan of more than ten meters, Lu Ji saw it on the first street.

Red Red

A seven foot tall red lion could use Fire Lord Arts.

black dogs

It is 1.5 meters long and is usually shot with a ball. A lion can kill an entire human being.

interesting dogs

Its height is 1.6 meters, it is covered with a thin black shield. Like the black dogs mentioned above. They left and Lu Ji found them in a hole a little bigger than a rabbit hole. Using spiritual energy, they could shoot orbs of black energy from their mouths.

His strength exceeds that of a 9th ranked fighter.


At 30cm long, use your common sense. He released five Scarlet Passionfruit orbs.

black dragon

Agondarcha is a western-sized species with three wings and three claws. While flying through the first stage of Pocket Hunt Dimension, flapping his wings could cause a tornado. Lu Ji felt that his heart was about to explode. The dragon is miles long.

The final stage of the pocket hunting scale.
607. Chapter 604: The Color of Fire

606. Section 603. Note 603. Luminous flux

605. § 602 Are records sold every five years? [Ask for Monthly Tickets~]

604. Chapter 601 Fire Meteor

603. Chapter 600 Mars Fire Not Working?

602. Chapter 599 Ming Yang [Monthly Chart~].

601. § 598. Subsection You must drink more

Section 600 Section 597. egg character

599. Chapter 596 If You Don’t Believe! [Ask for Monthly Tickets~]

598. Chapter 595 is how annoying it is


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