Piecemeal from Bitcoin and NFTs, another word that has been trending on the internet lately is Metaverse. It’s basically a sci-fi term that tech companies believe could come the future of the internet as we know it. Still, former Sony CEO and innovator of the PlayStation thinks that the Metaverse is meaningless and AR/ VR headsets are “ annoying”.

Metaverse Is About MakingQuasi-Real in the Virtual World PlayStation Inventor
In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Ken Kutaragi, the former CEO of Sony and frequently known as the “ Father of PlayStation”, bashed the idea of Metaverse. Kutaragi told the publication that the conception of Metaverse is “ no different from anonymous communication board spots” as people are needed to appear as digital incorporations of themselves in a virtual terrain.

“ Being in the real world is veritably important, but the metaverse is about making quasi-real in the virtual world, and I ca n’t see the point of doing it,” Kutaragi mentioned during the interview. “ You would rather be a polished icon rather of your real tone? That’s basically no different from anonymous communication board spots,” he further added.

Now, for those who do n’t know Ken Kutaragi, the man started his career with Sony back in the 1970s. Latterly, he intimately worked with the folks at Nintendo to develop a sound chip for its coming 16- bit gaming system, which rankled Sony directors.

Still, Kutaragi induced the also-CEO of Sony to work in collaboration with Nintendo to make a Sony- ingrained gaming press that could run both SNES charges and CD games. This led to the invention of the Nintendo PlayStation.

Although the device didn’t make its way to the consumer request due to a conflict between the companies, one of the models came the loftiest-priced gaming press to ever be vended in an transaction back in 2020, as it was vended for a whopping quantum of$.

Now, coming to the Metaverse hype, it has come a buzzword in the tech assiduity. Although the idea is still in its early stages as it substantially relies on AR/ VR headsets and detailed virtual surroundings, companies like Meta ( formerly known as Facebook), Microsoft, and Niantic are heavily investing their coffers to develop the idea. We indeed saw Nike jump on the crusade by acquiring an NFT- grounded company that develops virtual products for the Metaverse.

Still, as per Kutaragi, the Metaverse is a meaningless idea as it disconnects people from the real world. He mentioned that AR/ VR headsets that are crucial tools for penetrating the Metaverse are the snide factors. “ Headsets would insulate you from the real world, and I can’t agree with that. Headsets are simply annoying,” said Kutaragi.

So, what do you suppose about Kutaragi’s statements? Do you also suppose that the idea of the Metaverse is meaningless and is another business propaganda? Let us know your studies in the commentary below.


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