Honey extract does not disappear

The fire destroyed everything and took away Nicole’s love for Samuel. After 5 years he lost his mind and did not back down from his love. When she appeared before him again, he ended the relationship, wanting revenge on her.

medical session is interrupted

Chapter 1 Our relationship must end

Nicole is shocked when she receives a pregnancy test result.

she is pregnant!

She was pregnant with Samuel’s child!

They have been married for three years. She later became pregnant with a child, but it wasn’t easy for Nicole.

Luckily I got the results of the pregnancy test and I left. He can’t wait to tell Samuel her good news.


Samuel’s first love? Came back!

Nicole soon follows him and finds himself with Samuel, who is supposed to be his accomplice. He hugged her gently. Judging by the size of her belly, she is already five months pregnant.

“Samuel, I’m fine. Don’t worry, our baby is fine.”

“You’d better meet him before you know for sure. After all, he’s the firstborn of the Green family. It’s no coincidence.”

Riley smiled like a rose. Samuel was known as water. This scene leaves Nicole devastated.

“what you do?”

Nicole took a pregnancy test. His fingernails pierced the paper, but the pain in his heart did not touch him.

It wasn’t easy for her body to get pregnant. For her birth, Samuel took many medications and visited every hospital in the last three years. She died several times, but she didn’t expect Samuel to conceive her own child because she knew Riley was pregnant.

“Why are you there?”

Samuel suddenly furrowed her brow, and her dull eyes were harsh and cold. The air around him appeared to become colder.

Nicole notices a change in his behavior and can’t help but ask him.

Why am I here her Samuel, I am your wife. You are here to take a pregnancy test with her boss. Are you asking why I came?

His question excited the crowd around him.

Riley cried.

“Samuel, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. If I come back and talk about babies and abortions, Nicole won’t understand you. I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Saying that, Riley turned around and ran.

“Jacob, follow Miss George and you’ll see the baby in your belly. If anything happens to your son, I’ll punish you.”

Samuel’s voice was a little worrying. His assistant James soon followed.

Nicole had her shortness of breath and Samuel had never cared for her like this.

“Samuel, you idiot!”

Suddenly he raised his hand and tried to hit Samuel hard, but did not wait for Samuel to stop in the middle of her path. His firmness on her glared at her in pain.

“Nicole, when you came into my bed three years ago and forced me to marry you, I knew that in this marriage I wouldn’t be able to give you the love you wanted. I warn you, Riley’s noble children and grandchildren, the Green family, and if you dare to hurt her, don’t blame me for not hurting her.”

Samuel kicked Nicole out.

Nicole can’t get up. Hit the wall quickly. A pregnancy test is slowly shown to Samuel.

“Is it important?”

Samuel closed her eyes for a moment.

But Nicole smiled with tears streaming from the corners of his eyes.

“Is it true or not that you are stressed? It is you and I have nobility and pride! I need a fetus removal, it’s time we halted it.”

Nicole was crushed, yet she pivoted and hung up.

Samuel’s eyes obscured.

He promptly removed Nicole and left the clinic.

“Nicole, who do you assume you are? You made me need to wed you, yet presently you don’t need the child. I have a decent heart and you can affront me?!”

“Samuel, let him go! He’s my child, he doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

Nicole battled her displeasure yet couldn’t break out of Samuel’s grasp.

“Your child? You can manage without me Nicole, you better not bother me!”

Samuel took a gander at one another. Unexpectedly a cool breath grasped him and he felt exceptionally miserable.

At that exact second the telephone rang.

Samuel put Nicole on the telephone yet snatched her arm.

Nicole really wanted to feel miserable.

Each time she needed to be amazed that Samuel was as faithful to her as he is presently.

“What are you referring to? Imagine a scenario where Riley needs to commit suicide. Deal with her. I’ll be there in a moment!”

Samuel was apprehensive. Nicole’s hot heart started to develop cold.

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