Are you a volunteer? Want to donate and participate in a social cause? Then you should come across a website in the UK full of campaigns and donation causes.

The site claims to have projects related to social welfare, and also claims to publish many other political agendas and business boards. But people are looking for Nfpnrg Scam for legitimacy insurance. So we discovered it.

Is Nfpnrg reliable or not?-

Creation Date – 14/04/2022 (too current)
Deadline – 14/04/2023 (approximately 1 year left)
Owner details- Identity is registered as private with WHOIS.
Confidence Index- Got 100% in the index algorithm, which is very good.
Trustscore- Scored 52 out of 100, average value.
Website Block List Status- Not every blacklisted engine has been detected.
Security- Secure HTTPS protocol adopted.
Social media handles – Not available on every social media handle except TikTok.
Nfpnrg Reviews- There are no reviews available on all websites, including the official website.
Contact information- Partly authentic, but not searchable on Google.
Technical Overview- Lowest rated valid SSL certificate.
Popularity of the website- This website is not that popular and has a bad score, and has no visitors right now.
Threat Profile Rate- It scores 2 out of 100, which is the lowest suspicion score.
Almost suspicious websites- It scores 9 out of 100, which is the lowest suspicious value.
After analyzing the legitimacy algorithm, it is partly clear that Nfpnrg Scam is not entirely true.

About the website –

According to the data provided on the website, this site is a social cause and awareness site. There are many topics going on, and if you need to participate, you have to register after paying € 19.

The founder of the website is believed to be Marc Greaves; and posted a random video of making electricity for free on his TikTok account that made him famous, and came up with the idea of ​​creating a website.

Specific details to know Is Nfpnrg a Scam or legit?

Website name-
Contact Number- +1 4806242599
Email ID- [email protected]
Address- 2155 E, Warner Rd, 85284, Tempe, Arizona
Cost Price – Includes pounds.
Membership Policy- You have to pay € 19 for registration. Other subscriptions are € 1 and € 2. You can pay hourly.
Payment Methods- You can pay it through PayPal.
Confidentiality Policy- Donors may conceal their identities for their guarantee. You have to pay separately to be part of different projects.
User Guide- You will be given updated IDs and passwords on member or registered projects.
The analysis partly denies about the Nfpnrg Scam.

Website Benefits-

It allows for a payment method that recoups the money.
Valid SSL certificate.
It has a secure browsing partnership with Wix.
They provide a blueprint for each project on the website.

Disadvantages of website-

There are no reviews.
Owner identity is paid privately by WHOIS.
The website has limited traffic.
Alexa ranking is empty.
Lack of activity on social media.
There is no part of the user’s mind.
The personality of the owner has become somewhat rebellious.
Every project needs investment, and yet it’s not clear when it will go ahead.

Nfpnrg Reviews

Unfortunately, we can’t find any opinions or reviews on their official website. In addition, reviews are not available on some reliable websites. This Site is not a product site, and only subscribers can verify the accuracy of this Site when receiving updates on the work in progress.

Since we are short on reviews, we only have the owners advice on the instructions, and he seems to be sensible based on his introduction. We do not recommend continuing if you have a relatively unknown website or service. Click below to learn how to pay securely with PayPal.


Is Nfpnrg a scam! The answer is yes on our part, because that is dubiously dangerous. While the website scores are good, you should expect further disclosures about the projects. Sharing information isn’t always enough to make a good investment.


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