Petercalmos aka NASA​​​​ACalmos scientist and climate expert. Recently, the video of his arrest has been released. See this article for more information.
Do you know Peter Karmos? Why is this news? Peter Kalmos is a meteorologist at NASA (JPL). He works as a climate change activist in the United States and has 290,100 followers on Twitter. A video of Peter Kalmus completing a JP Morgan chess game has gone viral on social media. But why did NASA Kalmos do this? This experience continues as you read this article.

Footage of NASA scientist Peter Karmos has been released.

Peter Kalmos is a well-known and influential security researcher. On April 6, more than 1,000 researchers from 26 countries gathered outside JPMorgan to protest Chase Banking.

According to Peter Kalmus and his team of scientists, fossil fuels are responsible for global warming and environmental degradation.

Chase Bank has invested more in fossil fuels than any other bank. Peter then closed the pen and walked towards Chase Bank.

Kalmus prison rumors NASA’s new scientist
Peter Carmus was arrested on April 6.

After some time, the police released him and the team of scientists. But news of Peter Karmos’ arrest spread on social media. So, let’s say “off”. Peter Karmus was never arrested again and his old video was released.

But jail didn’t stop him. He is also a climate change scientist and activist. He continues to work to raise awareness that fossil fuels are causing global warming and climate change.

Who is Karmos of NASA?


NASACalmos or PeterCalmos is an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Propulsion Laboratory. He received a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard University and a Ph.D. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in physics.

Work and work

He is involved in environmental prediction research and analysis, as a senior scientist on a NASA grant to study and analyze the future of coral reefs.

He is the author of nearly 100 review publications in physics and earth sciences.

Peter Kalmus is the award-winning author of Different: Staying Healthy and Getting Started on Climate Change.

Peter Karmos as producer

Peter Karmus, or NASA’s Karmus, believes that fossil fuels cause global warming. Hence, it encourages people to live peacefully without fuel.

Peter Kalmus uses only a tenth of the fossil fuels the average American uses.


By sharing this post, we are updating our readers on rumors of NASA astronaut Peter Karmos and his upcoming arrest. He also told about his studies and working life. Check out this link for more on Peter Kalmos’ viral video.


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