Do you want to buy children’s clothes? Recently, an online shopping platform has been created for those who have large collections of new clothes.

The online store aims to provide reliable service and excellent quality products; However, online shoppers in India are somewhat concerned about the site’s relevance.

Imagine looking through reviews for an unbiased Myntrafab to better understand the store. If so, you should read this text, because we’ll go through every little detail about the site and discuss whether it’s relevant.

Myntrafab Store Review:

Myntrafab is another online store that claims to attract online shoppers with its extensive collection of fresh products. When we looked at the official website, we saw the top menu items. They divided their property into seven different categories; such as baby clothes, dried fruits, toys, jeans, lehenga choli, saris and t-shirts.

Here shoppers will find ethnic and European clothing; But the big question at the Department of Commerce and Legitimacy is yes, we will launch it. In addition to clothing, collections of exotic dried fruits such as cashews, almonds, dried kiwis, pistachios, walnuts, etc. are also available here.

Each product and garment has more than one image to accurately represent the style of the product. Also, people can get huge discounts up to 70% on any product.

What are the features of Myntrafab Shop?

Domain Age: Created February 5, 2021
The nature of the site: This is a digital clothing store for women and children.
Website Link:
Contact number: +91 1800 333 250
Email address:
Office Address: As per Myntrafab Notices, Office Address: Plot No.16, Adarsh ​​Enterprise, Gujarat-3.
Delivery Time: It takes five business days for local delivery; It may take longer for export.
Shipping Cost: Free shipping is available in India.
Return Policy: 10-day window for domestic shipments and 20-day window for international shipments.
Cancellation: No details received.
Return procedure: Return is possible.
Integration: There is integration.
Payment Methods: Visa, Amex, RuPay, etc.

What are the advantages of shopping in the Myntrafab shop?

The site presents complete collections of women’s clothing, children’s clothing and dried fruits.
According to Myntrafab in the reviews, ethnic and western clothing is available.
They are divided into categories.
Phone number and email address available.
People can use delivery and collection services.
Changes and returns are possible.
Various payment options are available.
Customers can get free shipping on every order; However, the facility is only available for domestic deliveries.

What are the disadvantages of buying in the Myntrafab shop?

Owner information is missing.
The office address is incorrect.
No ratings.
This website does not contain any social network websites.
The Cancel option cannot be used.

Is myntrafab legal?

This online retail store offers free door service; How serious is this site? After proper investigation, we can conclude that the website has a low credit rating as the ownership information was stored and created on February 5th, 2021. Also, there are no online reviews about it.

The address provided is incorrect as it cannot be found on the google map. We’ve seen social media logos; However, the icons redirect us to the main page of the site, indicating that it is not affiliated with social networking sites. Another warning sign is the lack of a termination option.

The confidence result is surprising. After all, the page looks suspicious.

What is Consumer Myntrafab in Reviews?

We are looking for customer reviews; However, the site and its products have no customer reviews.

Otherwise we did not find any articles on the internet. As mentioned, it’s not on any social network as we couldn’t see customer interactions everywhere.

We have seen several articles where people have reported this site as a scam.

Although the property was only built a few days ago, it represents an already sold value, so it is normal to receive comments from buyers; however, no reviews make this site suspicious.

bottom line:

In our Myntrafab and in the reviews there are m


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