With wedding season coming, we are all set for the rock and roll and exclusive shopping and excitement that it brings along with it. Especially for the bride, it’s a big roller coaster ride that is sure to continue even after her wedding. It’s not hidden that weddings do come with a big amount, especially our big fat Indian wedding. We often end up compromising to lower the budget or take huge loans to fulfil the wedding dream! Well, in today’s time there is nothing that only has one way to solve it. What does that mean? It simply means that buying jewellery for your wedding is not the only sole option. You can simply rent bridal jewellery. Decades back when ‘what will people say?’ was not so prevalent, village people more often used to rent bridal jewellery. You can do it too, rent wedding jewellery online.

There are many pros on why you should buy wedding jewellery. It’s a memory, it’s an investment. The list goes on. But here are a few things about bridal jewellery on rent online. It’s short, informative and more than enough to help you make a clear decision about the jewellery set for your wedding.

  1. The cost: the very first, the very crucial. Wedding jewellery is expensive. A lot of money to make you look glamorous! A classic bridal necklace set is not going to be less than 15 lakhs. No matter the design. Whether it be polki, meenakari or pure gold. But renting the very same piece, if not more, is easily going to come to you in around 15k. so saving the money yet not the memories and you can easily invest the rest on something more, like a luxurious honeymoon in the Maldives!
  2. Changing with the trends: we at present do not enjoy repeating outfits, and then it’s your wedding. And then comes fashion and trend, it changes quite drastically and what may be in vogue today may never even be worth considering after a while. With such a time-lapse in trends, and if you are someone who loves going with what’s trendy and looking all chic and glamorous, but if after a while it’s no more trendy, you whole money kind that you have put into it kind of becomes a not so good investment choice.
  3. The resale value: listen, the resell value isn’t so much of a resell. Whether it be diamonds or gold. Gold’s market value fluctuates a lot, and diamonds lose half their value once bought. So when people tell you buying your bridal jewellery set is a good investment choice, here’s a valid point to contradict it with.
  4. Stays in the locker: the very unique thing about wedding jewellery is its intrinsic and heavy detailed work. But it also makes it so very stand out that you can’t wear them on a regular day, you have to keep them locked up and that adds up to the maintenance cost. A  good amount is spent on its aftercare which you can easily pass when you opt to go for renting bridal jewellery.
  5. All the choices: when you are buying your bridal jewellery, you have to think about money. A classic, polki bridal choker set will be like a setting stone to that amount, leaving you with fewer choices on the rest of wedding jewellery shopping, that is, you can’t shop enthusiastically anymore for other wedding occasions like Mehendi, sangeet and all. But when you go for renting the bridal choker set you save up which gives you more freedom to rent other different varieties of wedding jewellery for all your occasions. It’s better, it’s convenient!

That’s it. That is one of the most important points that you need to know when you are thinking about renting bridal jewellery. It’s short, concise and more than enough to help you make the decision.

Once you do land on the choice and opt for the very precious option of renting your wedding jewellery, you don’t have to start wondering where do I get that? We have got your back. The most trusted site to rent the best designer jewellery online is Rent n Flaunt.  They offer free pan India delivery and pick-up and have the best collection of designer jewellery ranging from Kundan, Polki, American diamonds, meenakari etc. They have a wide range of chokers, maharani haar, maangtika, matha Patti, hathphool etc. It is like a one-stop destination for all your designer bridal jewellery requirements, with immaculate designs and quality to blow your mind! Rent n Flaunt is your go-to pal for renting bridal jewellery online!


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