A book cover can create a first impression on your potential readers. Hence, this makes a book cover design one of the most necessary aspects of marketing your book. If the book cover is not designed properly, then you can lose sales. Therefore, you need to work with book cover designers in the UK to make sure they create a professional-looking book cover. 

Book covers with eye-catching font style, creative graphics, and attractive covers tend to gain more sales. Also, the book cover is a crucial marketing tool for the book, so ensure you have the design early. The design needs to draw in potential readers, giving enough charm and intrigue to purchase it. In this article, you will learn about the role of a book cover design.

A book cover design

Potential readers are usually attracted by the level of creativeness you put in a book cover. Books that go to the market may have standard covers, but those with striking covers make a hit. This is the reason why seasoned authors always seek the services of book cover designers. Remember that your book cover needs to give away only enough to attract the audience as well as capture the story without revealing a lot. A book cover design also needs to communicate that the content within is worth the attention and time of a buyer. 

When you place a book on a bookshelf, a reader can usually see the spine. Therefore, it’s important to have a continuation of good quality and creative cover design. Binding can keep the edges in your book intact, so make sure to have a good binding. 

A book cover design also improves the book’s review. The book review refers to an overview of someone else’s reading experience. And, a good review needs to include the content set forth by your work and not your choice of material. In other words, the reviewer should discuss how the story was written, what was implemented, and many more. 

Remember that your goal is to attract potential readers. Therefore, you need to offer them a glimpse of the book, though you should not overdo it. A book cover aims to convey the purpose or theme of your story distinctively.

This doesn’t mean that the book cover has to reveal the entire story in imagery and fonts. Writers tend to ruin their stories by adding a lot of details to the cover. The cover of your book needs to have a hook to keep the potential readers interested. Revealing this hook in the book cover can be necessary for its success.

In book cover design, clarity about information should be a major concern. Regardless of whether you intend to write a children’s book, fiction, or any type of genre, you have to provide a look of key information that is in the book. You can do this by providing a cover that offers an apprehension into the type of your key message.

Also, the book cover should give the story’s layout. You should treat your book cover properly and let it speak for itself. Most good book covers usually have great pieces of information that attract the audience. A book cover is the best marketing asset you must invest in. You will need it almost everywhere, such as on your website, book sales page, social media page, and many more.

What to include in a good book design

A book cover design needs to have typography. This refers to an appearance or style of printed matter or the art of handling text to ensure the written language is readable, legible, and appealing when displayed. It can be everywhere you look, on the website, on the books, on product stickers, and many more. 

The typography you decide to use for the title of your book and the writer’s name can grow to become a popular brand for the readers. This is because readers often purchase a book that they trust and are familiar with, which is the name on the book cover. Therefore, your typography technique needs to support what the title communicates and the tone of the story.

Fonts can be exotic, neutral, casual, and graphic, so you need to consider the message and choose a font that matches it well. Well-crafted text usually makes a difference between having a best-selling book cover and a standard one. You need to avoid special styling and font explosions. In most cases, a good book cover should not utilize more than two fonts.

The book cover images need to act as teasers for your book cover design. A well-thought book cover design can tell a lot to a reader rather than a decoration. They can draw the audience’s attention by revealing the book’s story without the reader even requiring to read the first page. 

A book cover design with compelling visuals can assist you to make a good connection with the readers and make a strong impression. This can happen even before the audience reads a single word. Professional designers usually like to provide book covers that give away a bit of content to entice the potential readers and capture the inside story without revealing too much. Therefore, the imagery you decide to use can be an excellent way you can connect the audience with the book. 

You also need to stick to the expectations of your genre. You must make sure that your book cover stands out by sticking to the expectations of your genre. The best way to do this is by browsing some bestsellers that are in your genre so that you can check patterns in color schemes, layouts, images, and fonts.

But if you decide to create a book cover that readers of your genre don’t expect to see, then there is a good chance that your book may not capture the attention of your readers, leading to a loss of sales. When it’s in front of potential readers, a good book cover design, as well as the title, can improve the book sales.


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