Are you are intrigued to know how Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly, then, at that point, this article is for you. Peruse to know more.

Boxing is a tomfoolery game to watch, and yet, it gets inconvenient when the fights go over the cutoff. Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly has made a buzz around the news, prompting a few contentions. Vitaly called the fight fixed and later hit Kristen Hangy after the fight.

As we probably are aware, boxing is a great game around the world, and as alluring are the fights, the fights get forceful, and the players will more often than not cause problems. There have been a few contentions about such fights. This article will exclusively examine the Kristen and Vitaly fight, which wound up as a draw. The fight prompted a few debates later, let us find out.

When did Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly?

The most recent dubious news all over the planet is about the fight. It occurred on fifth March 2022. The headliner comprised of a few fights, from Deji versus Alex Wassabi to Taylor versus DK Money. Kristen Hanby versus Vitaly was the third last fight in the succession. It was assessed to be around 8:30-9:00 pm according to the UK time. The fight will likewise be accessible to be seen on Television.

Who are Vitaly and Kristen?

Vitaly is a notable Youtuber with around 100 lakh supporters. His YouTube handle is ‘VitalyzdTc’ and is situated in the United States. He by and large makes trick recordings and other amusing recordings. This character got into contention on account of Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly.

Then again, Kristen is additionally a Youtuber and a virtual entertainment powerhouse. He has a lot of supporters over different stages. He makes a scope of content from video blogs, tricks, and different recordings on YouTube. He is 29 years of age and is from England.

What occurred during the fight?

There is an alleged competition between these two forces to be reckoned with. The fight between them got consideration as it was called to be questionable. The match was one of different fights however generally called a big name fight between the arrangements. Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly required a fury. Shockingly, the match required a draw, about which Vitaly whines about fixing the match. Afterward, these two were talking appalling about one another with expanding competition. In addition, the match brought fury and antagonism between the two stars.


The fight between two virtual entertainment forces to be reckoned with grabbed everybody’s eye as these two had contentions over the web. Kristen and Vitaly are renowned on different stages but at the same time are known for their antagonism. The aggression prompted a rageful fight.

In this article, we talked about how Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly and how it finished. The fight’s outcome was a draw, yet Vitaly requested a rematch. Is it true or not that you are keen on watching the match? You can go to this site.

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