Do you have a pet? Does your dog like to play in the children’s pool? And yes, read this article carefully. Today we are talking about a topic of interest to all pet owners. Today’s article “Child Pool Death” will open your eyes.

The TikTok video recently became a hot topic in the United States, where a Canadian woman spoke to the world about a dead dog. This video has been viewed by 29,000 people worldwide. Read this article because the topic is important.

What happened to the dog?
Jesse, British Columbia, Canada recently lost a winter puppy on June 11. According to a TikTok video, Winter played in the pool for about an hour. There was only 4 inches of water in the pool. Jesse said he died of water intoxication over the winter. In a recent video, a Ticktock puppy is dead in the pool, making all pets think twice before using the bottle.

According to Eise, Jada is a playful dog who likes to run. Jada played with her boyfriend Jesse, swam and relaxed. Then Jesse realized that winter was very tiring which is normal for puppies on a sunny day. Suddenly the winter began to breathe and Jesse noticed that his gums were dirty. I didn’t know what would happen. At the time, he didn’t know that Jesse Die Paul was dead.

Then Zima returned home and poured more water into the house. Then take a few more steps to start vibrating, drying and filtering.

Paramedic Jesse immediately called the nearest vet and Winter began CPR. In the winter, he was taken to a veterinary hospital, where he did everything he could to save her life.. The winter lasted only 14 months. The sudden death in the winter was truly tragic.

Cause of death at baby shower:
The real cause of death was ureteral poisoning. It is also called water poisoning, water pollution, water poisoning or water poisoning. Water intoxication occurs when excess water enters the body. Removes sodium from the body. The body then tries to restore sodium levels, causing the cells to absorb more water and cause inflammation.

The results are as follows.
Swelling, drooling, bloating, dilated pupils, bloating and malaise are symptoms of water intoxication. Click the link for more information about water intoxication.

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