The guide shares a quote from Eater, reminding players that the daily notes are about the game.

Did you answer 442 questions on September 4? Wordle Puzzle is a casual puzzle game where the player has to guess 5 letter words using online clues. On Sunday, September 4, the game released its 442nd question. It asks players to guess 5-letter words ending in TER.

Most American and Canadian players remembered the correct answer, but others struggled to find it. Some players remember the name of the Austrian city of Eitel. This is why some people thought the Ittter Wordle was the answer to the 442 puzzle.

What’s the right word for that?

Yes, Ittter is a great Wordle, but it is not the correct answer for 442 Crossword Published on September 4, 2022. The game Enigma was released on September 4 and asked players to guess which five letter word would end in TER. . First mutual reaction.

Then ends with the five-letter word ETER. Many players thought this was the correct answer and started learning more about the word. He eventually found out that it was the wrong answer and that it was the name of an Austrian village.

Is there such a game?

Etter game not found An internet search revealed that Etter is a village in the Kitzbühel region of Austria. I can’t find it online because there is no game called Eater.

This word is popular because there are players waiting for the answer of Round 442 on September 4, 2022. When this trend started, players thought it would be a game. So they search online for games. However, research has confirmed that it is the name of the city and that the name is no coincidence.

What is Itter Wordle?

Itter is a word from Wordle and is the name of an Austrian village. This guide has nothing to do with Wordle #442 which was published on September 4. This five letter word is considered by some players to be the answer to round 442.

Some players didn’t realize this was the answer to puzzle 442 and started looking for more information. This is why this term has become popular and popular among gamers.

Despite the rest, this word was not the correct answer. The correct answer to question 442 is INTER. Because of this, other players use Itter Wordle to answer questions and have nothing to do with the game.

Conclusion on this topic

Word 442 was published on September 4, 2022 and the answer was INTER. Many players remember the five-letter word Eater. It was the wrong answer, but it’s understandable because most players remember the answer to the puzzle. The answer to puzzle 442 was INTER, not Itter. It’s the name of the city and it’s not a repetitive game. So eaters have nothing to do with Enigma. This should not confuse players.


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