Lots of men cheat because they want something else and not someone else. Here are some of the reasons why a man would step on.

Quantity not quality

There are lots of men who want quantity and not quality when it comes to women. This is one of the reasons why they cheat with an escort Treviso. Professional call girls are very attractive. Plus, they know a lot about sex and they are open-minded to try everyting in bed. This is what men like the most when it comes to sex and women. By having sex with lots of women, men feel better. This is how they feel strong and powerful. 

This is what makes them have better confidence and great self-esteem. Women consider these details very stupid, but this is the truth. Also, there are men who cheat and they do it without a reason. They do it because they have friends who do it and maybe they don’t want to be excluded from that group. 

They need a little fun

 It is very possible that after good years of relationship with their partners, men need something new and exciting. Therefore, they cheat. They will look for someone funny, free, nonconformist, something they do not have at home. After a long and difficult marriage, lots of men quickly find a much younger girl than his ex-wife. Why? 

Well, because they want some fun. Usually, these relationships don’t last because they are only for fun and not for something serious. Yet, men don’t know this. They believe they have found the love of their life and that they will be very happy. In some cases, it can be true, but in many situations, this ends up in a negative way. 

They like the risk

This category of men is the most dangerous. They will cheat and they will not feel guilty at all. You can not recognize these men. Yet, be very careful and try not to consider yourself special because often things do not remain pink as in the beginning. So, make sure you are choosing a good partner for you. There are lots of men who like this type of risk. They feel more excited when they know that they are going to do something prohibited. 

This is something that offers then pleasure in so many ways. Of course, we cannot say that this is something healthy. Yet, it is something that needs to stop. Maybe the man feels great but how about the woman? How the women would feel if she ever finds out? Men are quite selfish from this point of view. 

They don’t think about their partners and about how much they could hurt them. They should consider this aspect before they actually do something like that. If they would think twice before cheating, we wouldn’t see so many couples breaking apart as we see these days. Couples would be happier and people would live a more balanced life. 

You allowed him

Did you tell him you agree with this as long as you didn’t find out? A huge mistake. It may not seek to deceive you but if it has the opportunity and it is “allowed” to do that, he will. Obviously, marriage, engagement, or living together is something very serious. As well as a relationship that lasts for several months. 

There are times when in the mind of a man, confusion and uncertainty are installed in terms of involvement in a relationship. If for a woman the fact that a certain period of time meets with a man is clearly a sign of involvement, a man does not always consider this. For him, it can be a simple friendship. 

Women and men see relationships differently

When the two do not have the same opinion about the couple’s life, there are problems. The man believes that it is free to see other women without considering that this is infidelity. On the other hand, the woman is more than sure to be deceived if her partner does this. Therefore, there is a level at which the man separates the sexual physical act from the emotional attachment to another person. 

A man can have sex without being emotionally involved, without loving that person. For a man, this is true most of the time and is not a simple excuse. However, a woman will see this situation completely. For a woman, the proof that her lover cheated on her deepest hurts brings to the surface feelings of anger. Nor are the feelings of discomfort, the loss of confidence in her own person, or sentimental, as they only belong to them. This leads to a dilemma.

Does the cheater feel guilty?

The emotional consequences of the man’s infidelity are not apparently visible to a male, certainly not before the act itself. Only later does he have certain feelings of guilt. However, if not discovered, he will believe that he has a chance to escape unobserved in other similar situations.                                                                                                                     Even if he continues to deceive his partner, there is in his mind the possibility that, somewhere, he will be caught. At this point, everything looks like a contest. How much can I continue without realizing it? For some men, having more partners is a symbol of masculinity. Even if they have a stable relationship, they feel the need to confirm their ego or status. 

Therefore, they have concomitant relationships with as many women as possible. Only late do they realize that they can lose the loved one only because of a stupid ambition. In their minds and soul, men know that infidelity is wrong. Yet, temptations are too great and they go beyond any feeling and go further with infidelity.

We do not know if these lines have provided a partial explanation of the question “why men cheat”. It is a complex problem and the reasons vary from case to case. No one can tell you why the man or lover is cheating on you, sometimes not even. In these cases, it depends only on you two whether or not you continue the relationship.










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