Visiting can help determine if it is a fake company or a reputable company.

UniqProduct was identified as suspicious for the following reasons:

  • Many items are offered at heavily discounted prices. Scam websites often offer such discounts to entice people to commit fraud. For example: EZ Furniture’s key role in elevators, conveyors and anti-lock doors. Crystal ava candle
    McAfee Trustmark on payment page.
  • Many websites have the same main features, addresses, and other details as many scam websites.
  • Find social media profiles that link to business pages about social media. Legitimate online stores may offer promotional codes that link to social media pages, groups, or profiles. Not social media.
  • There are many online stores selling similar products that are dissatisfied with product quality, delivery time and customer service.


We can see that UniqProduct looks like a questionable web search engine.

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