For more on the Luxerio scam, check out this article. You understand please consider this before investing.

Looking for decorative furniture for your home? {Search| Looking for an online service to help you find what you need? Have you found Luxerio? If you haven’t yet, we’ll let you know through the portal. is a premium web platform that caters to US customers. Q. This site is independently operated with home delivery.

Requesting a quote for a new location can be difficult. Let’s analyze and see if Luxerio is a scam or legit.

They were right

  • The website portal is 10 years old. (cited March 7, 2011)
  • Alexa rating: Not available.
  • Gate Security Score: The highest confidence score is 76.
  • Social media links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Copy Content: Distribute Content.
  • I can’t access your feedback page.
  • Contact Address Authenticity: The above address is questionable.
  • Owner information could not be obtained
  • Return and Exchange Policy: Not available. website description

Online retailer claims to make a variety of furnishing items including ceiling lights, wall lights, pendant lights and furniture.

A review of Luxerio will be presented in the next section.


  • Wall lamps, ceiling lamps, furniture, etc. as a website sales page.
  • Website Address:
  • email:
  • Inquiry No. 123456 7890
  • Contact Information: Five Hundred Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 945158
  • Distributed sorting and filtering.
  • Product price: Canadian dollars
  • Shipping Policy: Not available.
  • Payment Methods: Amex, PayPal, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay, MasterCard, Visa.
  • Let’s see the pros and cons of this portal to verify its validity.

Does this indicate a positive fraud level for Luxerio or Legit?

  • The protocol used by the site.
  • Payment verification is done using a secure payment gateway.
  • Portals are closely related to social networks.

Wrong point

  • The owner has not been identified
  • The site does not accept feedback from customers.
  • There is no relevant information about transitions or transition policies.


A local customer base is essential for a company to gain the trust of potential customers. This website does not contain customer reviews or reviews on other regional section sites. As the data collected from Luxerio Syn looks questionable you are not allowed to buy any products there. This is why the site feels slow. Click here to withdraw payment from PayPal if you have been scammed.

result claims to offer quality products at coffee shop prices, but they are testing the overall experience that customers might like. Check the validity of the company name. Showcasing the best interior design. Click here for more information on MasterCard scams.


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