Pay Per View (GPT) sites can be a great choice if you want to make extra money online.

They give you the opportunity to earn more money and start learning for free right away.

The same goes for the GPT page. With so many GPT websites, it’s hard to know which ones are legal and which ones are available.

The page mentioned in this article is called the Unemployment Empire. This GPT website allows you to reward you for a number of web-based micro-projects.

But is this an empty imperial law or is deviating from it a fraud?

I’ll tell you – it was a scary place. This is a valid GPT page where you pay for your work (I will pay for it and provide proof below). However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a website.

This Kingdom Unemployment Survey allows you to look inside and show everything the website has to offer so you know exactly what to expect and whether it’s worth your time.

What is the extent of unemployment and what does it provide?

As mentioned above, Idle-Empire is a GPT site that allows you to pay for services and more. As this is a GPT website, you can offer several ways to earn rewards.

This is a legal refuge where you will be paid for your responsibilities. But before you can feel it or not, you need to know how and what to do before you can understand it.

First, the imperialist attack on the unemployed: a global attack. He wanted everyone to have an uncomfortable skin playing without paying the price. But then it expanded. You can then collect points in different ways.

To better understand how to make money on this GPT website, we need to take a closer look at the monetization options offered by this website.

I did a short video tutorial that showed how it works. You can also read the full title in the video:

How do you get paid?

Whatever you do while unemployed will give you time to find a balance. You can then convert your points into bonuses.

There are requirements for some gifts. For example, if you decide to withdraw your money in the form of a cryptocurrency, you will need to redeem 1,000 points. That would be 0.10. It’s different for other prizes. However, you can usually make a lot of money quickly.

You can use these toys, some gift cards, bitcoins, light coins, etherium, a pier and much more.

There are so many types that it’s hard to tell. As such, it is universal in terms of payment options.

All you need to know is that Idle-Empire pays through PayPal, but that’s no longer possible.

I don’t know why this option was removed, but I personally prefer cryptocurrencies over Idle-Empire bonuses, and if you like PayPal, this product is not for you. You can then browse PayPal’s best paid websites.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The advantage of being unemployed is that there are many ways to make money. So you always get money. Instead, you can make a lot of money.

How much money you can make depends on how much time you spend on the entire site. Compared to other similar magazines, Idle-Empire deserves more awards.

They also offer a number of bonuses if you are the greatest servant of the week. If you really want to make more money, the best way is to make more money.

Remember that the top 3 employees of the month will receive bonuses. In my experience, this bonus is usually in the top 10. At least on sites like PrizeRebel and other sites that offer similar benefits.

If you make it to the top 3, you will receive 10-30 bonuses so you can earn extra money.

In general, I would say that the empire has the potential to be profitable. However, the number of people who can do this depends on the country (who can join now).

Can you use it on your phone?

An empty Empire mobile page
Inactive Empire does not have a mobile application. So if you want to use it on your mobile device, you need to go to their website using your mobile web browser.

Best of all, their website is mobile. So it is very simple to check and execute the task. But I don’t think most of your suggestions are as effective as keeping a new browser open.

So you have to open/close your browser and it can be a bit of a comb as working on mobile is a bit of a comb.

Therefore, Idle-Empire is best used on a computer or laptop. It’s easy for him.

Who will join the kingdom?

The main advantage of Idle-Empire is that it is ubiquitous. So you can be a member wherever you are.

There are also several ways to register. You can enter from your Google, Steam, Twitter, Facebook or PayPal account. You can also log in using your login information.

Also, the registration process is very simple, you must be 13 years old to vote. However, avoid using VPNs and proxy servers when working on the web. If you do, the account will be terminated.

So don’t forget this before you register.

Can you help out?

Another good thing about the unemployment area is how it can help members. Everything you need is in the help section of the website.

You have access to their knowledge and it has everything you need to know about the site.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our knowledge, you can request it from our support team by filling out the support form. You can also view the status of the submitted application form.

I often call them a support team. That said, they are faster than other GPT sites.

Overall, I think they have a very structured support system.

the final decision
Idle-Empire is the official GPT site where you pay to complete presentations, posts, and more.

We conclude this review by summarizing the pros and cons to help you decide whether or not to become a member.


For other payment methods
It is available all over the world
their websites are friendly
Calibration threshold is very low


The prize goes only to the third best monk for the top winner.
A bit confusing rewards and speed of change
I’ve tried hundreds of GPT sites, but Idle-Empire says it’s a nice site. It has everything you need to realize that you have a good GPT. It offers more global earning opportunities, more payment options and lower fees.

However, some databases offer more options, so you should install a best GPT database.

How do I register in the Unemployment Zone?

If you want to join the Kingdom of Heaven, start by taking a moment. Sign up by clicking the button below and you will start earning immediately.

Sign up with the button below and get 500 free points instantly in your account.



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