FeaturePoints claims that a few minutes can be used to make additional money.

But are FeaturePoints a legitimate and realistic cash opportunity or a sophisticated scam?

I joined this platform and compared it with the hundreds of free online income methods I reviewed to make sure I did and did not offer after testing.

In this FeaturePoints review, we’ll share all the details to see if it’s safe and what the real potential is before deciding whether to participate.

What are FeaturePoints? What does the page offer?

FeaturePoints has been around since 2012 and, according to the site itself, has since paid members over $ 5,800,000 in bonuses.

I’ve been a member of the platform for several years and can make additional revenue on a regular basis at Feature Points and see that I’ve already been paid multiple times (see payment confirmation below).

It all depends on whether you have access to one of the most popular ways to make money. First, let’s see how to earn Feature Points.

I created this video to see internally how to use it exactly, how it works, and what features it provides. You can also see the details at the bottom of the video.

How will you be paid?

As you can see, there are some good ways to earn Feature Points. Of course, it’s also important to know how to finish a gift.

In my opinion, Feature Points have a very good payment method.

There are three main ways to make a living. You can pay in cash with a gift card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Therefore, every request has a payment method.

The gift card you receive depends on your country of residence.

The biggest advantage of FeaturePoints is that the payment is very low. If you earn $ 5, you may have already been paid. This is one of the fastest paid search engines.

You will receive your first payment immediately. However, payment limits depend on the payment option you choose. It’s $ 5 for PayPal and $ 10 for Bitcoin.

Earn points when you earn Feature Points. 600 points is $ 1.

No matter what country you live in, your money will be displayed in dollars. However, if you receive it via PayPal, for example, it will clearly show up as the currency used for your account.

When paying with PayPal, the email address you use to join FeaturePoint must match the email address of your PayPal account.

If you do not use the FeaturePoint for 60 days, the point will expire and be reset. So don’t aim for victory first.

Who can participate in FeaturePoint?

The biggest advantage of FeaturePoints is that you can participate regardless of your area of ​​residence.

However, income potential depends on the country of residence. For example, cash withdrawal options are typically available in the United States and Canada.

The number of applications you receive depends on your country of residence.

But overall it offers great benefits in many countries and very good opportunities in some (mainly English-speaking) countries.

Can I get support?

FeaturePoints, if you need help, you can contact us in different ways. You can post or report lost amounts on all topics.

Final Solution-Is It Legal or Scam?

Feature Points are not a scam. A legal way to make money with payment methods.

However, this does not necessarily mean the right platform for you. Before deciding whether to participate, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the platform.


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