Are you wondering if is a scholarship or a certified company? Now you are in the right place. We have Ebargesabz reviews to tell you the truth about this site.

Ebargesabz was classified as suspect for the following reasons:

  • Many products are listed in packages with big discounts. Scam sites often offer such discounts to scammers. Offering the following items for sale: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 3D T-Shirt, Authentic Arrow Cosplay Hoodie and Halo – ODST Androgynous Hoodie.
  • The McAfee Trust Seal logo is located at the bottom of the website and on the product information page.
  • Most of the additional information on the website corresponds to different problems of locations and addresses.
  • Added social media banners to the website. Clicking it will take you to the same page of another program. Instead of directing you to social media, information related to offices or


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New start:
However, we cannot guarantee the quality of Ibargsapps.

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