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Have you been to Boxsale? Offers a wide range of products but consumers do not understand what is Boxsale Scam or Legit. Many people are at a distance. With .square measure, seller review rating.

In this post, we will check the legitimacy of the store.

Is Boxssale legal?

Check out some tips below to help you create a loyalty program with this store. Please consider these points carefully:

The registration date for this type is September 8, 2022.
Expiration Date: The domain expires on September 8, 2023.
Trust score: The website has a trust score.
Customer Reviews: Not all official chemical review websites and sites have Boxsale reviews.
Social networking site: We did not find links to social networks.

Classification of information

Boxssale is an online store that sells super casual clothes, evening dresses, leather jackets, super casual clothes and all kinds of things.

The outfit is written in great style.
V-neck tank top for women
Comfortable footwear


Contact by email.
Address: London, UK Address: London, UK 297 Tottenham Street
Shipping Free shipping on orders over $39.
Return/Refund Policy: You will return your items within forty-five days of the delivery date.
Payment options: Visa, JCB, cash separately

Positive points

Free shipping on orders over $39.

Incorrect scores

Communication distance is not working.
Profiles on social networks are not accessible.
We don’t have any reviews.

Comments on the sale of funds.

From our research, we have generally found that there are no customer reviews or ratings on this site. Not a single buyer evaluated the goods in the store, because there are no customer reviews on the site pages. Comments on the site do not appear on any review site. Also, the Boxsale store does not have a Facebook page. As a general rule, we cannot include consumer testimonials in any publication.

Based on the reviews, the site doesn’t necessarily look like money. Therefore, consumers should take a look at this site. Visit this website for more information about credit card fraud.

in the cortex

Scam or legitimacy in the article line This site only has a trust rating of 1 chronicle so it’s not a month ago. With all these facts, we will not say that the site is real. Learn more about PayPal scams on this site. Follow this link for more information about Balac.


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