Have you seen the ‘AppZilla.vip’ app pop up on your screen? A free app that lets you download Jailbroken iOS and Android apps. Now we all have questions in our heads’ Is AppZilla.vip safe and valid, or should I give up this very good-to-true option? It’s best to miss it, read on to find out why.

Is AppZilla.vip safe or valid and should I download it?

No you don’t have to. AppZilla.vip is not secure or legal, and here’s why:

The AppZilla.vip app is not secure because it is a browser hijacker. This means it tempts you to install it, but when it’s time to take advantage of the app, it doesn’t. Instead, the app bombards you with ads, sponsored links, and keys. It’s like an illegal online movie streaming site without movie parts.

The app tricks you to download it and take it to your phone before you know it. Like a virus that destroys civilization, you are forced to clear your memory. You can delete it and it will leave you alone, but we are not sure if it will work at all

AppZilla.vip is not secure and not legal. The app is a scam, with many people trying to play Jose and Jens regularly. There may be an app that works to give you what you want for free, but it’s not one of them. In fact, it is one of the least secure applications we’ve seen out there. Nothing is available for free in this world, and many who download AppZilla.vip have learned this hard truth in the most painful way. We hope this article gets to you before you go through the same issues.


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