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Did you know that a new video has surfaced online? The video has been shared and viewed by millions of people in the United States. But the video is about butterflies. In this video, Emma fights.

The video is still trending on social media. People are now searching for videos of Ima Kebeleka’s fights on Twitter.

What is Emma Trending on Twitter?

A video of Ima Kebelek’s fight was posted to Twitter. The video of the contest was posted on this platform and received more than 200,000 likes. This video is getting more likes every day.

Many users said he won, others said how scary it was, and many said they wanted to see the video on Twitter.

Reddit: Is It Going Viral?

This video was uploaded 6 hours ago by this account. The video window appears to the right of this card. This video has a lot of traffic.

Many people think this is a leaked video. However, it is not known who posted the video on this social network.

Will this content be shared on Tiktok and other social networks?

According to sources, the fight between Kevin Hurt (Butterfly) and the audience wanted the desired result. The lack of content makes it impossible to find comprehensive and definitive answers to many user questions.

Similar videos are also posted on Instagram and other social networks. Ima has become a huge star on this platform and one of the most talked about people on social media. Fans now want to watch videos and see their performances in various media.

The video was uploaded to YouTube just two hours ago and has 826 views.

This stat shows how popular the video is on social media. If you look at other media such as Telegram, there is no fight video on your social media account.

But what do you know about butterflies?

According to sources, Ima is handy with social media and active on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He has a huge number of followers on all social networks except Telegram.

quick wiki

  • Nickname – Emma Butterfly
  • Date of birth – July 20, 1994
  • Her name is Emma.
  • Age – 29
  • Marital status – Unknown
  • Partner name not available.


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