The world today has so many adversities from the onset of global pandemic to world economic crisis that lingers up to this moment. Amidst these uncertain times when many of us are not spared from the effects of these untoward incidents, the majority are experiencing financial challenges.

Acquiring debts is normal for people who have regular jobs or businesses regardless of the economic situation. But with the financial instability looming with rapidly increasing prices of basic goods and petrol, plus the huge losses of many industries due to world health crisis have resulted in more layoffs and even closure of businesses. It is a challenge to look for more ways to earn, maintain a regular job and make frugal moves just to keep things going.

If left unattended, debts will continue to balloon out of proportion and sooner or later they will become unmanageable. If you are concerned about how to navigate debt during volatile times, then consider the following strategies to help you be in control of your finances.

  1. Cut down on expenses. Spending your money wisely is a good start in handling your finances. Understand the current flow of your money- what items are eating away a huge chunk of your income, check the way you use your utilities or monthly subscriptions, go over your budget on food. Check your subscriptions. Some of them aren’t beneficial, which you might want to cut. By simply turning the lights and appliances off when not in use, it can help trim down your monthly bills. Be frugal with all your resources, learn to maximize their uses.
  2. Consider debt consolidation. Now is the best time when you need to study the option of debt consolidation. This process will merge all your debts into one with much lower interest and in a considerate payment scheme. This will ease out your burden of stressing yourself out in paying different monthly bills and credit cards. If you are an individual having trouble with your credit history, you can still get the money you need quickly from short-term financial institutions offering to help people with bad credit.
  3. Look for opportunities to have additional income. Your hobby or passion could be a new income source. You can offer your talent or services on the side. Look for things that you don’t need around the house, most likely you have stuff in your storage that you haven’t used for a long time. Sell them and make extra cash. Online selling and work-from-home job opportunities are also popular nowadays and many people find it convenient since they earn while they are at home taking care of the family or doing other productive stuff.

Making ends meet nowadays is hard and the economic volatility makes it even harder to balance our daily expenses. To meet with the rising commodity prices, we opt to apply for loans and debts that are immediate solutions to any financial hardships we are facing. Having a robust budget plan and keeping the right mindset towards debt management is a big leap towards having a financially sound future.


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