StarryMagpie emblems have a specific price. You can earn badges by completing a series of tasks in the Themis Tear Summer Wind event. Summer Breeze is the current special event of the Undecided Case, and players can participate in daily and weekly events. You can earn rewards like the StarryMagpie brand or SR cards like Marius. Here’s how to get the Starred Mugpie Badge from the Unsolved Cases section.

Steps to get the Mug Fighter Badge

The starry sky shape is a symbol associated with a spell that can be unlocked by completing 7 rounds of Summer Wind. Players can earn summer soft dice and dice by performing daily tasks. These dice allow you to participate in several Summer Wind events. Upon completing the quest, the player receives wish coins. These coins can be used in department stores to get more unusual items such as oracles of justice. To reach Starry Magpie’s emblem, players must complete all 7 rounds of the SummerWind event. The starry mugpie emblem is definitely one of the biggest rewards you can get from a summer wine event. In addition to the Starry Magpie badge, players can receive many other rewards. Other rewards include themis ‘Tier 2, some S chips and Marius’ SR cards. The event runs until August 26th, so there are plenty of opportunities to get the Starly Mugpie emblem and Marius SR card. It is very difficult to get SR cards, so players have to get SR Marius cards through events. Enter every day and overcome the world. This can also lead to more rewards and more searches each week.
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