In 2022, most people in the developed world dream of working online and earning money from their social media accounts. However, not everyone succeeds in this way, and despite the fact that it seems simple, in reality, few people manage to become a popular creator or influencer.

Today we will talk about how you can gain popularity on Instagram using simple and effective methods.

Manual increase in the number of readers

Often, experts and SMM specialists call this method dishonest, and they argue that those who use it subsequently face a deterioration in account statistics. This can only happen if the blogger uses the services of a low-quality service that is not worth it to buy Instagram followers.

When you choose a website where you want to order some services, first of all, pay attention to customer reviews and how long this website has been operating and providing its services. As a rule, long-established companies boast a large number of positive reviews. In addition, if the service does not close, then there has never been any problems with it.

One of the time-tested services is Viplikes. There you can safely buy real Instagram followers and not be afraid that you will be deceived or that this action will negatively affect your statistics. Due to the fact that you can independently choose the target audience you need, you will receive live accounts that will actively participate in the life of your profile.

Using different formats

Very often, novice bloggers publish posts in one format: a photo and a description. This quickly bothers the viewers, and they begin to scroll through these publications in the feed. Your task is to make something interesting to people, and for this you need to use all the formats that the social network offers.

For example, you can post a photo with interesting text. After that, make a story with a link to this post. A little later, you can make a video in reels format where you will talk about what led you to write this text or where you were when you wrote it. All this will attract the attention of users.

In addition, do not forget to hold various contests and win prizes. This is one of the most effective ways to warm up the audience, which will allow you to increase user activity in the comments and raise the statistics of reposts.

Be unique

The main mistake of many beginners is an attempt to repeat what popular bloggers do. Beginning creators copy other people’s styles and it looks stupid, so they don’t want to subscribe to them.

You can participate in challenges and shoot trending formats, but try to make sure that there are more of your unique things. It is for what you came up with that you will be appreciated by the audience.

Everyone can repeat some kind of dance or participate in a popular challenge, but there are millions of such publications and such creators. If you want to draw attention specifically to yourself and your creativity, create your own chips that will distinguish you from everyone else.



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