Formatting your outside difficult disk for PS4 use is straightforward – we show you ways

in case you need greater space to save video games to your PS4, PS4 slim or PS4 pro then you want an external HDD (tough disk pressure) or SSD (stable nation force).

it’s in no way been easier or extra less expensive to add an external force to your video games console. not handiest does this assist you to keep greater games on your console, you may additionally use a difficult disk or SSD to create a backup as a way to keep your records.

but something you’re using an outside drive for, it is easy to set one up, smooth to apply and we are right here to expose you the way.

you could use a huge variety of external hard disk and outside SSD merchandise. This is ideal news in case you’ve got a small budget or in case you’d want to prioritize area or pace whilst expanding your PS4, PS4 narrow or PS4 seasoned.

As ever, there are some technical issues to undergo in mind. one of the most crucial matters is to make certain that your external tough power or SSD is formatted properly, because you won’t be able to use it without this step.

Sony makes it clean to handle this a part of the manner, and it’s simple to do on home windows and Mac OS X too. So no matter what device you’d like to apply, this guide will show you how, which means that you’ll be capable of speedy decorating your console.

if you need to use an external drive as extended storage for your PS4, then the format method couldn’t be a great deal less difficult. this is due to the fact the PS4 makes use of its own encrypted file machine when using a tough pressure or SSD as extended garage.

All you’ve got to do is plug your pressure into the console, head to the Settings menu, open gadgets, after which USB garage devices. choose the choice to format the power as prolonged garage, and the console will cope with the complete method.

As ever, you do need to keep in mind to apply a USB 3.0 product with a capacity among 250GB and 8TB, in any other case the method received paintings. however, that’s it.

if you want to use an external power to keep console backups the process is only a touch extra complex. this is because the PS4 doesn’t encrypt and layout the whole power while making backups – it leaves your tough disk or SSD unfastened for use for other obligations if you’ve were given the space.

You’ll need to make sure your hard disk, SSD or USB force has formatted the usage of the FAT32 or exFAT file structures – the PS4 doesn’t support the NTFS record system. We endorse exFAT, as it supports documents that can be over 4GB in size.

if your external hard disk or SSD is already the use of the perfect document system then you could plug it into the PS4, head to the system menu, open the again Up and restore segment and pick out what you’d want to hold. in case you want to format the pressure, you could do that on the PS4 too – head to Settings, gadgets, and USB storage devices, select your pressure and then click on the options button. this could screen a menu in which you may format the drive as exFAT so it is able to be used for backups.

if you don’t need to apply your PS4 or in case your drive is already plugged into any other gadget, then it’s also viable to format it using your windows or Mac OS X device.

There are more than one easy method for pressure formatting on home windows, and they don’t change lots – those commands are for home windows 10, but they need to be relevant for a previous couple of versions of Microsoft’s operating machine.

the very best approach entails plugging the power into your computer or computer and commencing the file Explorer – the display in which you can navigate current documents and key folders. in case you click at the This laptop shortcut, you’ll with a bit of luck see your external drive connected as a difficult disk, proper alongside your machine’s principal hard pressure or SSD. if you see it, right-click on, select format, after which select the exFAT alternative and begin the manner. That’s the simplest issue you’ll need to sincerely exchange unless you need to rename the pressure, and using the fast layout putting is pleasant.

if you don’t see your outside drive inside the file Explorer, it’s probably the usage of a record machine that the computer can’t examine – like the PS4’s very own, encrypted prolonged garage device. If this is the case, preserve the power plugged in, proper click on the This pc shortcut in the document manager and click manipulate. as soon as this new window has opened, head to the Disk control segment.

You must see your force at the lowest of the window – it’ll be the only in black, in preference to military blue, and it’ll be defined as Unallocated. right-click it, select the choice to Initialise the pressure, and click on through the field that appears. You don’t ought to change whatever.

once that’s finished, proper-click the striped area and select New simple volume. This launches greater speak boxes – you could click on through until you notice an alternative for the record system. pick out exFAT, click on subsequent, after which click on end. Your pressure will now be prepared to your PS4.

undergo in thoughts that once in a while you’ll be able to right-click the power and select the brand new simple extent choice immediately. If the pressure helps you to, try this – you’ll be secure skipping the Initialise part of the system.

in case you want to use an OS X gadget to layout your external pressure, head to the Disk application. you can locate this with the aid of commencing a Finder window, heading to programs, after which the utility phase.

In Disk utility, pick your outside force from the listing at the left-hand facet and click on on the Erase option along the pinnacle of the Disk application window. inside the new window that looks, genuinely choose exFAT as your record layout and click on the Erase button.

you can also rename the pressure here if you’d like. If a window seems and asks in case you’d like to apply the brand new volume with Time device, click Don’t Use. And that’s it – your external pressure is prepared to your PS4.


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