The motorcycle jacket is an essential piece of a motorcyclists gear. It offers protection in case of an accident and provides warmth or ventilation when needed. Motorcycle jackets are available in different kinds of materials and must fit properly in order to provide comfort and good protection. Find out what characteristics a motorcycle jacket should have in this article.

Choose a jacket for the right season

Firstly, you need to pick the right jacket for the right season. If you’re planning on riding your motorbike only in summer or when the weather is favorable, it is wise to pick a jacket with good ventilation. Are you going to ride all year long? Then there are a number of other things to consider. For example, in the fall and winter a waterproof and windproof jacket can come in handy as well. You can also purchase different kinds of jackets to make sure that you have a jacket available to you for all kinds of weather conditions. Different kinds of motorcycle jackets and other motorcycle clothing can be purchased at

Pick your favorite material

The material of your jacket is also an important thing to consider. There are two kinds of jackets: leather and textile. Most people think that a leather jacket is warm and suitable for winter only, but this is a common misconception. Textile jackets can be used all year around whereas leather is more suitable for hot weather.


Leather is not waterproof and is used mostly in summer for its good ventilation ability. It is often more expensive than textile, but offers no warmth in winter and can therefore only be used in the summer and fall. However, leather is more durable and will offer better protection during a fall. Leather jackets are available in buffalo leather or cow leather which is treated with wax or oil to make it water repellent. After long exposure to water or humidity, the leather might absorb the water and the jacket will become very heavy. Therefore, they are not suitable for rainy weather. A leather jacket can be worn over clothes or directly over underwear.


Textile motorcycle jackets are available for all seasons. They come in many variants and are often windproof and waterproof. Some textile jackets have multiple removable layers, making them useful all year around. Textile jackets are much more affordable than leather jackets and come in many colors and designs. Textile can be made waterproof easily and is easier to clean than a leather jacket, which should be cleaned by hand.


Gore-Tex is a very well known material in the outdoor activities area. It’s a very durable and waterproof material. Gore-Tex motorcycle jackets have good ventilation, which makes it the perfect material all year around. With a Gore-Tex jacket, you won’t feel so overheated in the summer, while it keeps you warm and dry in the winter.

Choose the right fit

A loose jacket might seem comfortable, but once you’re on your motorcycle it might start moving around in the wind. It allows cold wind to flow under your jacket and might make you feel cold. It is therefore important to pick a jacket that is just the right size. If a jacket is too tight, you might feel uncomfortable and stifled. The sleeves of a jacket should be long enough to cover your wrists and the jacket should be close to your body, but not too tight. See if you can lift and cross your arms comfortably. If this is the case, you’ve found the right fit jacket.


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