What is a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is an undergraduate degree centered around liberal arts and various other subjects. A Bachelor of Arts degree is usually completed in 3 years. A Bachelor of Arts degree offers students a broader education in their major. Students take a variety of miscellaneous subjects that don’t fit technical streams and chart their own career paths. 

A Bachelor of Arts is an umbrella term that is used for plenty of sections and subjects. Most people’s perception of an arts degree starts and stops at painters and poets. But BA is the leading choice of discipline for most world leaders, diplomats, judges, activists, and freethinkers of society. A bachelor of arts combines the liberal arts and sciences with transformative knowledge and practical lessons. In your three years as an art student, you are expected to pose questions, frame problems, and seek answers to complex and unfamiliar topics. This aids in their growth as thought leaders in the field. 

A Bachelor of Arts degree teaches you to:

  • Build a foundation in your chosen stream and focused subject areas, such as humanities, business, economics, international relations, psychology, etc.
  • Develop industry-required communication skills that aid in your professional and academic career.
  • Gain expertise across a variety of subjects and cultivate an independent worldview. 

Leading streams of the Bachelor of Arts

  • Humanities: English, Creative writing, philosophy, religion, etc. 
  • Social sciences: History, Economics, Sociology, Political science, Business administration and management, economics, anthropology, government, international relations, psychology, etc.

Is a BA worth it?

The main purpose of getting a college degree is to start a career and get a job. If you’re wondering whether a Bachelor of Arts from RIMS, Indore, can launch a lucrative career, then the answer is yes. RIMS is one of the best BA colleges in Indore and is highly known for its quality education. A BA degree broadens your horizons and increases your earning potential immediately. BA graduates secure ample job opportunities right after college. Although it largely depends upon your stream, the common factor in all BA degrees is that it prepares you for the real world and adds to your communication and critical thinking skills. Here are all the reasons why:

  1. A Bachelor of Arts can be your first step towards a master’s education.
  2. Job opportunities skew towards graduates.
  3. Statistics show that the earnings of graduates are 64% higher than those without a degree. 

5 Ways a BA Degree Can Develop Your Career

  1. Introduction to new subjects

    BA students are introduced to a variety of new and interesting subjects and courses that help them in navigating their careers. They aren’t boxed in a single field and have the unique opportunity to learn about a variety of new disciplines that aren’t included in school or traditional college education.  
  2. Foster independent thinking

    The unique opportunity to learn about worldly affairs teaches people to develop their own thoughts and ideas and promote them in the world. Earning your BA degree from the BA college in indore of an accredited university is an ideal way to welcome new opportunities for your life and career.  
  3. Opportunities for an exciting career

    A Bachelor of Art prepares you for compelling and in-demand positions in your industry of choice. Graduates have plenty of opportunities to make a career for themselves, and employees seek professionals with a legitimate learning background. For example, a non-profit organization would be interested in candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business or management, whereas a marketing agency would pick candidates with a bachelor’s in advertising and social media.  
  4. Increased marketability

    Lakhs of good-paying jobs open up for BA graduates. There are many other opportunities such as fellowships, masters, and international education that open up for fresh graduates. A BA degree enhances the marketability of individuals and gives them an edge in highly saturated fields.   
  5. Networking opportunities

    Being in an educational environment with students who share your interests and life goals is a great way to boost your career and build a strong network with credible people in your field. By enrolling for a bachelor of arts, you will build life-long friendships and partnerships with people who will enter the same job market as you. 

4 Popular Job Roles After Bachelor of Arts Degree

  1. Teacher

    Teaching is a noble profession and a top choice for Bachelor of Arts graduates. A majority of teaching classes in India acquire an undergraduate degree in arts and pursue B.Ed for their career as teachers. You can start with kindergarten and work yourself up to middle and high school. 
  2. Marketing Manager

    Marketing managers oversee the advertisement and marketing campaign of their company. The job requires a stealthy knowledge of the industry and the proper education regarding the leading marketing phenomenon. If you complete your bachelor of arts in marketing from the leading management institute in Indore, you can avail yourself of opportunities as a marketing manager. 
  3. Journalist

    Journalists are the arbiters of truth. It is an interesting and rewarding public-service job that includes reporting facts and verifying sources. Journalism is a popular career choice after a bachelor of arts. If you’re interested in reporting the news, breaking stories, and building a relationship with your readers, then the job is right for you. 
  4. Creative Writer

    Creative writing is a much-needed skill of the 21st century. In the age of AI and machine learning, writing and presentation of original thoughts is a highly employable skill. If you have a knack for words and can write alluring copy, then a career as a creative writer is a credible choice for you. 

In conclusion,

Here are all the ways in which a bachelor in arts can develop your career. When it comes to a Bachelor of Arts degree, it is really important to determine your interests and inclination and choose a stream in which you really want to build a career. Once you have settled on a stream, your focus should be on graduating with high scores and landing a job. A bachelor of arts can be your ticket to a golden career. 


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