Remote working is a trending work approach now. It grew to this prominence due to the pandemic covid 19. During that phase companies had shut down temporarily transferring all the physical operations to remote working. This remote working was introduced at that time on a temporary basis but even now companies are following the remote working culture .

A study says that 83% of the employees experienced almost the same level of productivity or a bit higher when they were working from home. 55% of employees stated that they work more hours remotely than at the office. So remote working culture is hyping and it’s a boon for the company and the employee in different ways. All thanks to the extreme digitalisation.

To enhance remote working culture among employees, a fully-functional web based ERP system has to be deployed to get the best experience. 

Cloud-based ERP software will offer the best user experience even when the employee is working remotely. The user just needs a device and an internet connection to login to the database.

Compared to a conventional ERP system, a web based ERP bears low implementation cost and provides a lot of advantages. Let’s discuss more about its benefits for the remote workers.

Minimises hardware expenses

Hardware configurations are complex and costly as it requires a huge on premise set up . In comparison to the web-based software, also the cloud based ERP is more affordable. Web based ERP is hosted in the cloud enabling the employees to work from anywhere. They just require an internet connection and a device.

Enhanced collaboration and communication

In any enterprise, the departments are segmented and each has its own data to produce. So with an integrated ERP, all the data required for the business is stored in a centralized system accessible for the employees of different departments. So in a remote set up, the users can access this stored data and use it for their tasks.

Flexibility in location and device usage

A web based ERP system can be accessed from any location globally with a good internet connection. And there are no device restrictions either. With more people shifting to smartphones, ERP vendors have already stepped into creating mobile-friendly ERP. So this gives the users the freedom to access it from any device.

Robust data security

Usually when a hardware fails, it is a hassle for the business to wait for the replacement to arrive and then keep the IT running to get the back up. Data security is not a concern for web-based ERP. It has a round the clock backup and recovery option for data. So it is unlikely to lose any data. Unlike the conventional, data is automatically saved as the employee is working on it.

Cost reduction

ERP system has a single data source and renders accurate and real time information. With this help the remote workers help in minimizing the administrative and operational expenses. And these resources can be allocated in some other area of your business. A web based system helps in preventing delays and the projects can be completed on time.

Customer relationship management

Employees working remotely can provide customers with high quality and efficient service. Even they have the capability to communicate and strengthen the relationship with the customer. And with the accessibility of ERP, the employee can acquire instant information and history of the customer. It is very essential for customer service and sales executives.

Instant data updates

A web based ERP is operated online. So as each employee updates data on one end, the other users can access it on a real time basis from the other end. This makes the things done faster and at ease. In addition, this will automate repetitive and mundane tasks, working round the clock.

Field reporting by Employees 

A web ERP is a boon to the field work employees as they can access it to add updates about their insights on field. This will also enable team members to take further actions or steps on the updated records. Updates can be regarding a meeting with potential customers, findings or the schedule for the next field work or data regarding lead conversions and many more.

Team can work efficiently

With a web ERP system any team can work efficiently. All the data and information is available in one single source. It opens room for collaboration and open communication. And the team can access real time information which helps in making better and faster decisions for the company. This will enable the team to be on the same page and avoid any ambiguous situation.

Suppose if there is a healthcare crisis or any emergency where the employee has to work remotely, these are the five reasons why web ERP systems and remote working is vital during that phase.

  • Without compromising on efficiency, try enabling work activities remotely.

  • Web based ERP offers flexibility to collaborate and operate from in-house and remote.

  • It provides more flexibility for the employee and provides data security. And it will lower dedicated server costs.

  • Moving your data to the cloud is the right solution for the business. In case of any
    emergency, it will be easy for the remote employees to get adapted to it easily.

  • Online stores were less impacted by the pandemic covid 19 than the brick and mortar stores. So businesses should implement web based ERP to stay flexible, scalable and have a competitive advantage.

In conclusion, a web-based ERP software can significantly benefit remote workers by providing them with access to important business data and tools from anywhere, at any time. With a cloud-based ERP system, remote workers can collaborate and communicate with their colleagues seamlessly, enabling them to stay on top of their tasks and projects.

The software’s real-time data analytics and reporting capabilities enable remote workers to make informed decisions quickly, boosting productivity and efficiency. Additionally, the ERP software automates repetitive tasks, freeing up time for remote workers to focus on more critical responsibilities. Ultimately, a web-based ERP software provides remote workers with the flexibility and resources they need to work effectively and efficiently.

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