In the transition from maturity to retirement age, a person often faces a crisis. This is a problem that causes serious psychological trauma. The crisis period is 55-75 years. In this article, we will consider how to avoid serious manifestations of the crisis with reliable companion care in Nassau County.

Causes of the crisis in retirement age

There are several difficult periods in a person’s life. Old age is no exception. A psychological crisis of old age occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Change in the rhythm of life. After retirement, there is a lot of free time that you need to manage. It is difficult to get used to the dimension and the fact that you no longer need to rush anywhere. Rethinking problems and one’s role in life often leads to depressive disorders.
  2. Narrowing the circle of acquaintances, loss of friends and close relatives. Lack of plans for the future – it is difficult for a person to understand that all global goals have already been achieved.
  3. Change in social status. This factor applies to those people who occupied an important position, were in demand, and were respected specialists.
  4. Rejection of children. Old people often face the empty-nest syndrome. The problem is especially aggravated when children leave for other cities or countries and cannot often visit their parents. Men who were actively involved in professional activities may endure the crisis more difficult than women. Women adapt more quickly to circumstances.

Stages of the crisis

Old people have to go through several stages of the crisis:

  1. Reassessing yourself and your values. What was important five years ago seems to be meaningless in old age. Seniors want more attention from loved ones, peace, and comfort. It is difficult for people who lived actively, traveled a lot, and often spent time in society, to move to a new level. There is a desire to live an energetic and vibrant life, but there is no longer an opportunity. At this stage, it is important to reevaluate your own self, take stock, evaluate your achievements and come to the conclusion that it is time to go on a well-deserved rest.
  2. Health problems. With age, the work of organs and systems deteriorates. To keep the body in good condition, the seniors have to take medicines regularly. Problems with the musculoskeletal system begin, therefore, people lose their full-fledged motor activity and are forced to move in a wheelchair.
  3. The inevitability of death. It is not easy for everyone to realize that life has passed. People can’t relive bright moments again, travel, or meet friends. Every person has their own reason to be sad. Someone never said the right words, did not fulfill their dream or did not achieve the desired goal.

How to overcome the crisis

Staying in a closed space and loneliness only worsens the manifestations of the crisis. A senior person hides his feelings from his relatives while experiencing terrible torment. Stress and a depressed psycho-emotional state lead to the aggravation of existing chronic diseases and provoke new pathological processes. 

It is difficult to overcome the age crisis alone. In order not to aggravate the situation, even more, you should contact specialized services or find a companion for a loved one. A professional approach to the problem will help your relative to understand that life in old age can also be interesting and full of positive emotions.

The benefits of a companion

A companion is an assistant who performs simple household tasks and accompanies an old person outside the home.

Unlike a nurse, a worker usually does not perform medical procedures, does not provide sanitary and hygienic care, but can buy medicines on their behalf, or remind a senior of the need to take pills on schedule.

Many consider staying in a nursing home as the primary alternative to hiring a companion. But not all old people are ready to leave their apartments and spend time with strangers.

It is also necessary to understand that the staff of nursing homes rarely provides individual care. Most likely there will be mass classes. Nurses rarely take into account the character traits, fatigue, and desires of each particular senior.

All the time and attention of a private companion will be devoted to only one person. When organizing leisure time, temperament, character, and vital interests will be taken into account.

A companion will take the initiative or support the initiatives and desires of a senior.

Leisure options:

  • viewing, discussing of daily news;
  • reading aloud magazines, and fiction;
  • joint watching of movies and TV shows;
  • solving crossword puzzles, selecting games that stimulate brain activity, and memory;
  • listening to music;
  • exercise therapy classes;
  • mastering new hobbies: drawing, modeling, scrapbooking.

Also, the companion will gladly look at old photos at least ten times in a row, and listen to stories about grandchildren, former work, and travels. If you pick up a specialist with the education of a psychologist, then even his usual walk with an old person will turn into a kind of psychotherapy session. A companion will unobtrusively learn about the problems, and experiences of an old person, and make every effort to improve the situation.

Top 5 tasks you can give a companion

  1. Household help.

If a senior person can carry out the simplest hygiene care, but cannot clean up after themselves, or cook food, then you can hire a housekeeper.

The companion will simply help around the house and easily connect with a senior to perform simple tasks. After all, it is important not only to put things in order, to cook food but also to allow a senior to feel significant.

  1. Temporary supervision during the absence of guardians.

Old people with impaired cognitive functions require constant supervision. Even if relatives can spend most of their time at home, emotional burnout sets in very quickly.

You can hire a companion for a few hours to devote the evening to yourself. Recovery of emotional, and physical energy is very important. Otherwise, you will begin to snap at the senior.

  1. Emotional support.

Sometimes old people need only communication. A companion is a friend because she can provide not only domestic but also psychological support.

  1. Escort outside the home.

Some old people feel comfortable at home, they can take care of themselves, cook, and clean, but get lost on the street.

It becomes especially difficult for seniors living in the metropolis. A companion can accompany a senior to clinics, and banks; help with the paperwork for the delivery of products home. Some old people themselves hire an assistant if they know that they will have to contact representatives of state authorities, sit in queues, etc.

Final thoughts

The crisis of old age is a difficult time for everyone. Very often, old people are left alone, which further exacerbates their condition. To provide your loved one with joy and happiness, we recommend hiring a companion. The companion will not only help with minor household issues but will also share leisure time with an old person. Galaxy Home Care is a reliable home care service provider, where you can get assistance with finding a companion for your loved one. 


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