If you struggle with anxiety, there are many different ways you can calm yourself at home. For chronic or severe anxiety, you may need to consult your physician for assistance, but if you have mild anxiety or anxious feelings occasionally, there are strategies you can try to help ease your mind. Here are household essentials to reach for when you’re feeling anxious.

Creating a Comforting Space for Your Anxiety

Step one is to create a calming and comforting place in your home to help soothe any stress or anxious feelings. Clear away any clutter or mess from your space to set the stage. Decorate your home in calming colors, such as blues or grey, to create a sense of peace throughout the rooms.

What Can I Take at Home To Ease My Anxiety?

At home, you can try over-the-counter remedies when you’re feeling anxious. Natural anxiety meds may give you some relief. Some people have found that certain substances may trigger their anxiety, such as caffeine or alcohol. Try reaching for herbal tea instead of these drinks to calm your nerves.

Deep Breathing

Another way you can get quick relief from anxious thoughts is by practicing deep breathing. Take time to slow your breathing down and be more mindful of each breath. Practice pulling in a deep breath for 10 seconds and then exhaling it for an additional 10 seconds until you start to relax.


You can also pair non prescription anxiety medication with aromatherapy to get better results at keeping anxiety at bay. Use scented candles or aromatherapy tools around your home to create a more relaxing environment. Soothing scents to use for anxious thoughts include lavender, vanilla or lemon.


Exercise can also give you a break from your anxious thoughts. Get into a regular routine with your exercise and go for at least 30 minutes each day. Consistent physical activity helps dissipate some types of anxiety and also improves your cardiovascular health. Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride or take an exercise class to get the best results.

Meditation or Yoga

Another movement exercise that works well for anxiety is yoga. Meditation also provides similar benefits to yoga for anxiety. If your kid is anxious, look for the best over the counter meds for ADHD child and teach them a few yoga poses and meditation strategies to control their anxiety.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The last household item to reach for when you’re anxious is your pillow and blanket. A good night of sleep can have benefits for the brain, including calming an anxious mind. If your sleep routine is poor, that can aggravate mental health issues, including anxiety or depression. Make sure your bedroom is set up for a restful night of sleep and avoid too much screen time throughout the day or before bed to help you fall asleep faster at night.

Identifying your anxious thoughts is the first step to getting some relief. Use some of these household remedies to give yourself a better chance of fighting of anxious thoughts and feeling more at peace.


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