Here’s a tip from student Guillermo Suicide, a comment on Twitter and the challenges of defending a dissertation.
Did you read a Twitter lesson about a student who committed suicide while defending his thesis? The heartbreaking post from Twitter user Julopessouzas has reached many. Do you know this message? If not here’s your new product!

Another student’s suicide raises many questions about the student’s mental health and suicidal thoughts. Suicide is a public health problem in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. This article discusses Gillerman’s suicide. let’s discuss

What is the message there?

A tweet sent by a Twitter user on July 11, 2022. 2:20 p.m. It has now reached 60.99 thousand users. This tweet is dedicated to Gierme’s suicide by a student. “He committed suicide this week to defend his bachelor’s thesis,” he tweeted. He claimed that his confession was obtained through torture and that his confession was obtained through torture.

In addition, Juliana said the academy should engage in mental health care and take strong steps against academic abuse. After Guilherme’s tweets about defending his dissertation by suicide, many tweeted about the dissertation’s difficulties and views. Julopassusas concluded: “Guilherme, insult yourself and forgive me.”

What should people say about this post?

Many users write that there is nothing new in the academic world, but serious efforts must be made to stop the threat and stop students’ suicide attempts. When a Twitter user said he did not think he could get over me, he said he was in a similar situation. Needless to say, most other defenses are good, but in the worst case, it can be worse than you think.

Guilherme Suicide Care, Papers Defense Tips Defensive Stress?

Standing in front of experts and defending research is daunting. However, students need to understand that this is part of their education. Here are some tips to help you deal with your fears.

Take a break, relax and believe in yourself and your own research.
Pause, relax and continue as you wish.
Develop your speaking skills in front of people to feel more confident in front of them.
Can’t make eye contact with your teacher? Try different places to see their faces several times.
Prepare well and practice well for your presentation.
Student Guillermo is not required to commit suicide, but it may prevent future events. If for some reason you are suicidal, grab someone you can feel comfortable with. It is not easy to be in your situation, but remember that difficult days do not last forever.

What is dissertation defense?

The defense of a dissertation is the last phase of an academic career when a student presents a research paper on a dissertation of their choice to a group of scientists. Students are then asked to answer questions from experts. The professor also decides whether the article should be published or revised.


Gilhelm’s suicide raises many questions about the student’s mental health. Now we want you to know this. You can read Julopessouzas’ Twitter here.

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