Gastronomic information from another world

Variant: VAG, 异世界的美食家

Author(s): Li Hongtian,  李鸿天

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Xuanhuan

Summary Gourmet from another world

In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and streams with a wave of the hand and break rivers with a kick, there is a small restaurant like this.

The restaurant is not big, but it is a place where countless sophisticated existences erupt.

There you can try Phoenix Egg Fried Rice and Dragon Blood Rice.

There you can drink strong wine made from the fruits of vermilion and water from the source of life.

There you will taste the grilled meat of a higher grade 9 animal sprinkled with black pepper.

which which? Do you want to kidnap the chief? This will not happen because at the entrance there is a divine beast of unfathomable levels, hell.

Oh, this chef also has a robot helper who single-handedly killed a ninth order venomous creature and a bunch of crazy women whose stomachs had been invaded.

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Other gastronomic personalities

Bu Fang

Bu Fang is the main character in Gourmet of Another World.

He looks young. He is described as very handsome, but because of his stern personality, he doesn’t show himself much to others. But if he showed any sort of expression, he was described as handsome.

She is often described as slim and tall, and has smooth and milky skin that is much better than that of women. It is often said that his qualities are equal to or better than most women. I think she has a beautiful face and slim build, but she is not as feminine as Xiao Xiaolong. I imagine it looks identical to Lu Jiu from I accidentally saved Jianghu’s enemy.

His appearance in his past life was not described, so he could be everywhere as he was after his reincarnation, or be completely different.

Usually empty. It’s hard to see him smile, so one of the best moments in the novel will be when he smiles (from the beginning to the middle of the story). Always calm in every situation, his face can be seen even in dangerous situations, although sometimes no one knows that he has a completely messy heart. He doesn’t like it when his best friends are bullied.

Bufang’s skills

A special cutting technique that requires real energy. The host must use True Energy at all times while sculpting. Slicing requires extreme care and precision to bring the true power of a paring knife to the surface of the dish. This would increase your vitality and create a dreamy effect. The Big Dipper Carving Technique also features an exclusive Magic Array. Once the carving is complete, the coating adds to the beauty of the dish.”

“The Gourmet Array can only be assembled with Cutlery as a node; for example, using Rampage Ramens as a node can build an offensive array.”

Gourmet Array (1/6) – Refers to channel 555 (as long as it is the first array obtained during the Rampage Ramen recipe).

“The Overlord Thirteen Blades, a high-level blade technique that can be used in combat. This technique has a total of thirteen moves, and the moves can overlap. The power of the moves reinforce each other, and when these thirteen moves are used together, their power will be great.


The system awards God of Cooking collectible parts, which can be exchanged for the God of Cooking tool system.

Golden dragon bone kitchen knife

Part of the Kitchenware collection. It was made from the bones of a golden divine dragon and possessed the terrifying aura of a divine dragon. The aura had a suppressive effect on all spirit beasts and an execution effect on all spirit beasts below the seventh level. The host can change the shape of the kitchen knife by expending half of your real energy. The kitchen knife has the effect of enhancing spiritual energy when processing ingredients and prevents the loss of spiritual energy of the ingredient.

Wok shift heaven and earth

Part of God of Cooking, it is made from the shell of the original spirit animal, Xuanwu. It weighs over 5000 lbs and is extremely strong and solid. It has a suppressive and oppressive effect against all spirit beasts. When used with the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, it can kill all spirit beasts below ninth grade.

A tunic produced using red bird feathers

Part of the Lord of Cooking set, it has a strong protective capacity that can make somebody immune for 5 seconds. There is a cooldown of 3 days after each utilization. The Vermillion Culinary specialist Robe can further develop energy move among host and material. It can likewise further develop the host’s response speed, increment the host’s psychological strength, and furthermore increment the host’s allure.

Supernatural Connoisseur Survey

I’ve perused stuff like that, yet that far’s more heartfelt and array of mistresses arranged. Then again, I just read half of it. I’m shocked it’s not in the best 100.
This is an exceptionally underestimated and unlikely treasure that very few individuals notice. Specifically, the MC’s personality advancement is generally excellent. Likewise, as the story unfurls, the plot appears to work so indeed, to the place where a couple of little subtleties have an enormous effect in ongoing pieces of the story. Best of all, none of these exceptionally abnormal and frightening heartfelt things exist.

The last part of Anotherworldly Connoisseur

Part 1507 1500 Assistance… [Third more! Apply for a card for one month! ]

1506 1499 Parts

1505 Section 1498 Extension Framework

1504 1497 New Ruler Assault! ]

Episode 1503 Episode 1496 The Man Behind The Master of Canines

Section 1502 Part 1495 Unique … wild canine! [ first! ]

Episode 1501 Episode 1494 Taking God’s Bone? [3rd age! ]

Episode 1500 Episode 1493 Assault the damnation goliath with a staff [One all the more second! ]

Episode 1499 1492 Incitement by the transport [First and Last! ]

Episode 1498 [The Third Era! ]


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