If you’ve ever heard of paid research, you’ve probably heard of GlobalTestMarket. Is GlobalTestMarket a scam that will give you good money, or is it a legitimate search site?

I’ve been using and testing the site for a long time, but this GlobalTestMarket review (2018 version) explains what the site has to offer, how much you can earn and how to add it to your site. Etc.

Once you confirm, you’ll see all the details you need to make sure you have the page you want to send along with. Let’s get started!

What is GlobalTestMarket? What does the site offer?

GlobalTestMarket is a very popular name in online market research. It was established in 1999 and has been around for some time. GlobalTestMarket leverages Lightspeed, one of the world’s leading market research providers. So, this is a site that has a reliable and reputable platform and has proven its legitimacy for many years. So it’s definitely a safe site to use, but does that mean there are some worthwhile options to use?

Understand the features available on the site.

Option 1 – Paid Search:
GlobalTestMarket is what I call a ‘clean’ search site. This means that they only offer paid surveys as a way to make money. Other sites (also known as paid sites or GPT) offer many other ways to make money. GlobalTestMarket only offers paid research, so it’s easy and easy to use. There is nothing on the page that takes you away from paid research. So it is useful for users and does not take time to understand how to use the page. You will receive an email by subscribing to new surveys as they become available.

GlobalTestMarket usually offers several paid searches per week (often 5-8 in my experience). When you receive an invitation email to take part in a survey, your reward and topic will also be displayed. It’s nice to see them right away, and it’s easy to decide if you’d like to participate in this survey. For example, search topics include automobiles, restaurants, leisure, travel, electronics, food, media, and more. maybe

Some (not too many) searches are only allowed in the GlobalTestMarket lottery. Of course, being lucky can lead to big wins, but if you’re only interested in researching things that collect points and redeem them for cash or coupons, find out what the rewards are. sign up

If you did not participate by clicking on the application form, you will have the opportunity to participate in the quarterly lottery. This lottery ticket can be won for $1,000. So it’s a good idea to have a small comfort product ready in case you fail compared to a few other platforms. However, they often participate in GlobalTestMarket searches and often have a higher level of expertise than other sites. This is a good thing.

How much money can you make on GlobalTestMarket?

On average, GlobalTestMarket searches take about 15-20 minutes. A bit longer than some search sites, but good. You can review the approximate time before voting begins to decide whether to accept or not. Here’s how to fill out your questionnaire faster than expected by following a few simple guidelines. In general, if you follow these guidelines, you will be able to fill out the questionnaire sooner than expected. Survey award is the average of time spent compared to other research sites.

GlobalTestMarket and other search sites are not eligible for one day. This can make you a lot of extra money, but if you are looking for a stable income, you should look for other ways to make money online.

GlobalTestMarket offers research only as a way to make money. That said, there are no opportunities every day because there are so many ways to make money. It’s the best site for collaborating with other sites, but you can also monetize your research.

Is GlobalTestMarket in my country? Can I join?

As the name suggests, GlobalTestMarket is available in several languages ​​around the world. right in 49 countries. According to surveys, research awards, cleansing and more. numbers may vary


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