Gladys Guevara’s husband. Translation is also available.

Who is Gladys Guevara? Who is Gladys Guevara’s husband? What happened to her husband? Read on to know more about his personal life. Gladys Guevara Navarrete is a Filipino actress, singer, comedian, Gladys Guevara Navarrete. Her popularity is greatest in countries such as the United Arab Emirates and the United States. He is also a voice actor and former PBB expert. Here you will learn about the life of Gradis Guevara’s husband and some interesting facts about him.

Gladys Guevara:

Famous Filipino Gradis Guevara was born in the city of Olongapo. Born on February 22, 1977. Model, actress, comedian, singer. His first production was GMA Network’s GMA 7.

Gradys Guevara was the lead singer of Gradys. In addition, it was noticed that the song “Riding a boxer with Sasa Kankit” was also composed by Gradis Guevara. The song was a hit on the GMA Daytime Show.

Dear Gradis Guevara!

Gladys Guevara married his boyfriend Michael Navalete on May 12, 2021. Three days after his engagement, she got married. Gradys Guevara and Michael Guardian are getting married 3 days after their wedding.

Works of Gladys Guevara

Gladys Guevara started her career at GMA. She moves to another network and performs great. Eat Source is featured on social media sites such as Inside Out and Cheats. The main reason she left her show was her relationship with Giano Gibbs. Actress Anabelle Lama Mahal became a cult.

He was a famous singer when he was young. He wants to show off and show off his uniqueness.

What happened to him?

The live game show, Pinoy Big Brother, is rumored to last for 46 days. His husband had some thoughts. This creates some confusion and complexity. The first immediately denied the accusations. Gladys Guevara replaced co-host Gianni Gibbs. It’s because of their stories. They didn’t check it.

I left PBB House at the age of 58 because of boredom and depression. In the above episode, Gradith Gebarra shared information about her boyfriend and husband. Read more wealth, social media and other news.

Cinema Gradis Guevara Networks

Gladys Guevara started her acting career in 1999. Etwell is his first film. Conspiracy Octopus Walai. Leng and Anak Ni Bidai are their final shows.

45-year-old Gradis Guevara is the eldest son of his family. After 2021, his fortune is growing rapidly. A successful woman with an income of 1 million to 5 million.


Comedian model Gladys Guevara is the former Pinoy Big Brother star. He is appearing on many GMA Network shows. He has been working on the same system since 1999. Your salary or other assets are unknown. Click this link to view other videos posted by Gladys Guevarra.


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