Jorge Santos will talk about the most recent news about the homicide, his name and character.

Do you know George Santos? What is his part in current media? His story is American and others discuss his entire vocation and what he said.

We should discuss the items in this article about the appointment of another competitor and George Santos John.

What’s reality?

As indicated by George’s history, he is the 34-year-old child of a migrant family. Santos is being scrutinized by government and city specialists. Letitia James (a legal counselor from New York) likewise needed to be aware. The fair Mission Legitimate Center documented a grumbling with the Government Political decision Commission charging that Santos had disregarded different regulations, the sources said.

They guarantee that he utilized the foundation program to conceal the cash he provided for his mission. George Santos lied about his own advance arrangement.

Who is George Santos?

President-elect Jorge Santos looked phenomenal. Baruch School is a state funded college in New York. He graduated prior to proceeding to work for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. As indicated by the sources, an examination is in progress into charges of releasing key data about Santos’ resources. Likewise schooling, work history, address, rank and so forth.

Brought into the universe of Brazilian travelers, Jorge Santos Gay won the political choice in November. He squashed Radical Robert Zimmerman by 54% to 66 percent. He is moreover significant solid areas for an of Trump. On December 26, he surrendered at a public meeting that he lied and added “a little pad” to his resume. As shown by the Times, Santos-Baruch has no advanced education, has never worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs, and has never been a successful financial advisor

Is there any discussion about the cross dresser job?

As per Jorge Santos Daragh, he made his “Gitara Ravashi” while in Brazil. He said: “On the off chance that the media is negative, it will be challenging to obtain results.” She in the long run conceded wearing the dress to LaGuardia Air terminal, yet let it out was fun at the celebration.


George Santos is as of now in debate. The untruths he told about himself are being examined. There is likewise an issue with this. We have documented a few grievances against him. Jorge Santos claims every one of the subtleties.


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