The gaming industry is ever-lasting, filled with infinite varieties of games. They could be adventure based, survival and horror, action, simulation, multiplayer, and shooter games. While each of these types has its own fan base, some of them have topped the charts.

Ever since the pandemic, the development of games has remained considerably sedated. Only recently, it has started to get back on track. Therefore, after much wait in 2 years, several engrossing video games have been released that have caught the eye of gamers. Throughout this article, we’ll be sharing with you the most popular games that have become increasingly popular as of 2022.


Developed By: PUBG Corporation

Genre: Player versus player shooter

Players: More than 100 million online players

Released: 2018

The most popular game of 2022 without a doubt is PUBG. It consists of armor and H1Z1. It is a type of tower defense game. The players build towers by utilizing resources and killing the attacking enemies. The players need to safeguard their land without letting enemies cover a sizable portion of their land.  The game can consist of 99 players at a time who use the map to allocate wealth and enemies. The young generation is completely hooked to this game as they easily go for several rounds per day.

2. Minecraft

Developed By: Mojang Studios

Genre: Sandbox

Players: 95 Million online players

Released: 2011

The game Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm. You can go for various modes such as spectator mode, adventure mode, survival mode, or creative mode. If you choose to go for creativity mode, you can create whatever you feel like without any limitations. The 3D lenses add to the interesting features of this game. A few additional attributes are about to accompany the latest versions. These include fletching tables to gain functionality and deserts will include palm trees, oases, and markets. Future updates are to include super fancy graphics.

3. Dying light 2: Stay human

Developed by: Techland

Genre: Survival horror

Players: 275,000 concurrent players on Steam

Released: February 4, 2022

It seems as if people never get bored of zombies, just as zombies are for brains. It is the sequel of the 2015 Dying light. The storyline is pretty decent, set 20 years after the first game playing the character Aiden Caldwell. His aim is to locate his sister being infected. His journey lands him in a human settlement seeming to be the last one out there. It is up to the player to decide if the character chooses to continue his search for his sister or save the survivors in the settlement. It comprises beautiful scenery with nice combat and complex RPG mechanics. It is a great game for gamers having a thing for the survival horror genre.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

Developed By: Epic Games

Genre: Battle royale game

Players: 45 Million online players

Released: 2017

We witnessed the release of two amazing games under the same genre, Fortnite and PUBG. In the era of easy access to pc games, many users already had their hands on these games even before launch.

Fortnite: Battle royale is more popular among the boys, the popularity too developed later in the year  2018. Fortnite had the opportunity to run on unreal engine 4. It is a mass marketed game. It mostly contains cartoony graphics but this version of the game has more features, equipment, and game levels. It can be played on XBOX, iOS, PC, Android.

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5. Horizon Forbidden West

Developed by: Guerrilla Games

Genre: platform, adventure, shooter, action role

Released: 2022

Horizon zero dawn is based on a girl named Aloy in a world that is run by machines. The character has several tools and weapons to help with her journey of finding her origins and past. The girl is free to explore as well as complete the side missions and quests.

In the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, we play the character Aloy again. Only this time she wanders in an apocalypse-stricken United States. Considering the setting, she now has new challenges and aims to follow. The scenery is excellent with tons of new sorts of robots that she’ll counter. Who knows if she ends up befriending some of them?

There are a number of best free games available widely online that you can play and make your time most entertaining.


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