Five Great PS5 Tips – If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on the new Sony PlayStation 5 on its ultimate launch day, and be quick to purchase it when it was on sale or you managed to get the console at Black Friday, the most important factor is that you own one. So, congrats you’re now in the wonderful new world of console gaming!

The PS5 is the most sophisticated generation of the PS series of consoles and it certainly is should you be able to acquire one. For those who are new to the console, it is the latest version of a towering console that is a step above all previous versions of PlayStation that were released prior to. Additionally, it comes with a lot of useful features and software that will make PS5 feel more thrilling than older versions.

We thoroughly enjoyed PS5 games for couple of days and discovered some very amazing PS5 tricks that will surely bring joy to your gaming. We’ve compiled a list of tips we think are worth trying as you start playing with the PS5 to the very first time. Let’s have a look!

1.  Find out how to switch Off Your PS5

This is something that may have caused an initial shock …. After all, how difficult it would be to turn off your gaming console? Let’s see. Through playing, we discovered that you need to press the PlayStation switch on the left side on the console to shut off your PS5. But don’t do it in the same manner as you used to on the previous model (PS4). After you hit the switch the menu will begin appear somewhere in the part of the screen. Also, you’ll see the power icon located on the right hand side. Because the menu is likely be extending the screen, it’s easier to go left.

You can also press to activate the PS5 power button on the hardware and will appear at the bottom of the screen if you put it vertically , or on the left in case your PS5 is placed horizontally on the console.

1.  Transfer Your Most-Favorite Games to PlayStation 4

If you’re someone who recently upgraded to an earlier PlayStation 4, then you are likely to need to transfer files, games as well as some particular settings to the brand new console. While you’ll be offered an option to transfer crucial files when you set up the console however, if you miss it due to a mistake you are able to get back to it and utilize it in the future. When you’re ready to transfer the files, you should connect both consoles together , and connect them with the Ethernet wire or WiFi to connect to each other. Make sure you have a fast internet connection at your home so that a speedy transfer of files is possible. You don’t want to ruin your gaming experience due to a slow internet connection. Isn’t it?

You can always go for high-speed internet services such as CenturyLink web which is not just fast, but also reliable and secure for all kinds of file transfer, downloads and surfing. The most appealing aspect is their web plans are extremely affordable beginning at 50 dollars per month!

When you’re done, click on Options of the PS5 Then, go to System and then System Software. Choose data transferContinue to select your PS4. When you are ready to Data Transfer pops up You will have to hold the power switch on your PS4 for a few seconds until it sounds. Simply select the item you wish to transfer and click the Start Transfer button..

1.  Keep Record Of Your Game Time

It’s easier than ever to know how long you’ve been enjoying PlayStation games. Just select your avatar on the right-hand side of the PS5’s home screen , and click Profile after which you can select click the games tab. You’ll be able to see your exact playtime under each game’s title as well as trophy progress in the upper right.

1.  Make sure you are playing in a PlayStation 5 Game

While it’s wonderful for gamers to enjoy PS4 games with the PS5 but it may create a little confusion while playing. Certain older games for the newer console are upgraded, and, as such, you’ll want to ensure that you’re playing the most recent version of games to experience the best gaming experience on the PS5. You can check the game’s title in the main screen. If it’s an PS4 version, it’ll definitely be labeled PS4 in front of it. In addition, you can scroll left by tapping the Game Library after which select the Sort and Filter icon that appears on the left, and then filter your collection of games by the platform.

1.  Get More Sound Effects using 3D

A surprisingly well-known characteristics of the PS5 includes it’s 3D Audio, which enables game developers to provide sounds to any object around you. It creates the illusion of being present in the world but you’ll have to connect headphones or earbuds in order to enjoy this feature of the highest quality. 3D Audio is always off by default. So simply connect headphones to your controller to experience the quality of the sound instantly. You’ll also need to set it up specifically for your ears by going to settings > sound > audio output. Under the option to enable 3D Audio click on the Adjusting 3D Audio profile and select the option which best suits your needs among the five options available.


These are just some aspects that could assist you in getting you a PS5 in the beginning. After you’ve finished playing make sure you put the PS5 in Rest Mode rather than simply switching off the power. You can access this feature through pressing the PS5 button and then selecting the power icon. In Rest Mode, your PS5 will download updates as well as charger your gaming controllers (that are connected) as well as offer the option to control the device remotely using your PlayStation App. You can find out the specifics of the features Rest Mode can do by clicking Settings > Power Saving > System Features that are available when in the Rest Mode.

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