Final Gear is a new gacha game that allows players to choose from a variety of anime waifu. Along with the release of the game, the developers also revealed some figures that allow players to access in-game traits and rewards for free. Here is a list of all the numbers you can use in Final Gear and the steps to redeem them.

List of all promo codes for Ultimate Gear – April 2022

Only gamers can insert or delete numbers in a game, so we prepared two different names for the numbers. Here are all the work numbers you can use in Final Gear.

End Glass Codes (Making) .

Fortunately, there are currently no expiration dates for the final product. Once any of the above code is completed, we will fix this set, so take a closer look.

How do I pay for last glass codes?

Follow the steps below to redeem Final Gear issues

Launch Final Gear and click the button next to the gift pack to expand the menu
Press the space bar and then select the Enter Activation Number option.
Enter the promotion code in the “Enter Activation Code” field.
Click the Details button and you will see the offers available to your account.

How do I get the latest Gear codes?

As mentioned earlier, the codes are pulled and timed by the developers. Players should follow Ultimate Gear on Twitter, Discord and other social networks for the latest issues. We can also update the text with the latest issues, so bookmark the page and check it out.


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