Despite all the strides we have made as a society, the gender gap still exists. Women, on average, earn 80 percent of what men earn. The gender pay gap shows the unconscious bias that still exists in what is considered to be an advanced society. Such a pervasive problem requires resolution, but it will certainly be challenging. The following are steps companies can take on the way to eliminating the gender pay gap:

Instituting The Collection Of Employer Pay Data

The first step to eradicating the gender pay gap is to collect data. Information will reveal what exactly is causing the difference in pay. Therefore, governments and other regulatory authorities should institute the collection of employer pay data

There should be a law requiring employers to publicly publish their pay data. At the very least, they should willingly submit the information when required. 

The data will be analyzed to find the root causes of the gender pay gap. Once they are established, resolving the problem will be a much easier endeavor. 

Launching An Interagency Equal Pay Task Force

Finding the solution to the gender pay gap is not enough, it must be applied. All the data analysis in the world means nothing if the findings lead to no action. Therefore, launching an interagency equal-pay task force is an excellent idea.

There are different agencies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which collects information on the pay gap. However, these agencies function independently, and there is no concerted effort with other agencies to highlight the gender pay gap hence the need for an interagency equal pay task force.

The task force will conduct a pay equity analysis and determine which companies have a significant pay gap. They will use information from various agencies to bring awareness to the issue and enforce the application of the solutions. For example, the task force could help enforce a raise in the minimum wage and ensure all companies follow suit. 

Undertaking An Initiative To Promote Greater Pay Transparency

Just because you mandate the collection of employer pay data, does not mean they will be transparent about it. Firms with significant gender wage gaps will do their best to avoid disclosing any information. If they do, they may falsify the data to paint a rosier picture. 

To truly eliminate the gender wage gap, there should be an initiative to promote greater pay transparency. Employers must be incentivized to publicly display their pay data which will promote the behavior. 

If that does not work, there should be significant penalties for not disclosing pay data. You can be sure companies will do it if it will cost them money. 

With greater transparency, organizations with massive gender pay gaps can be held accountable. They can also receive help to minimize the gap if willing to work with other stakeholders. 

Designating More Funding For Enforcement Of Equal Pay Protections

Money doesn’t solve everything, but it can be a powerful tool in implementing solutions like the enforcement of equal pay protections. Therefore, to eliminate the gender pay gap, authorities should channel more funding to equal pay protection programs. 

Some of these programs are severely underfunded and fail to make an impact when dealing with large and wealthy corporations. Rich firms could also bribe those meant to enforce the protections if the latter is receiving little in compensation. 

With full coffers, equal pay protection agencies will have the might and willpower to perform their tasks. It will also allow whistleblowers and other interested parties to come forward if they know they can receive protection from the agencies. 

The Gender Pay Gap Should Be Extinct

Eliminating the gender pay gap is a mammoth task and will require commitment. The gender pay gap should not exist, and the above strategies can make it so. They will help us take steps towards a more equitable workforce and society.


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