Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Ball Z is a popular title around the world. Pure Saiyans is a special Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle anime character that players can use to create the best team in the game. There are many characters in the game that confuse all players. So there are people at all levels, there are true cyans, who stand here from the highest to the worst to help build the strongest team and save the universe.

And don’t worry, let’s get started!

Pure Cyan Tourist (April 2022)

To avoid confusion, divide all pure cyan into 4 stages of S, A, B and C in total, S, A, B and C have the strongest cyan and the weakest cyan in the game. Grade divided last stage C

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle S Tier Pure Sayan

Super experienced ruthless secret plan
Goku, son of true instinct (superinstinct)
Peace Strikes Super Sayan Son Goku
Fight Super Sayan 2 Son Goku to save the fate of the universe
Shin Warrior Race Super Cyan New SS Evolution Vagator
Fusion of Hope Son Goku and Vegita (Angel)
Fusion of reborn sons Goku (Angel) and Vejita (Angel)
Cyan Pride Veteran / Son Goku
Immortal Sayan Iburu Legendary Super Sayan Broly
Fight to become the strongest Super Sayan Son Goku (GT)
Fight for the top of Super Cyan Vegeta (GT).
Instinct Destruction Legend Super Cyan Broly
Terrible Space War Super Sion Son Goku (Zeno)
Face an unknown enemy Vegita (Zeno), a super cyan

And Tia Pure Saiyan Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Upside Down Boy Goku Symptoms (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)
Out of Infinite Power Super Cyan God SS Son Goku and Super Cyan God SS Evolution Vegeta
Son Goku Super Cyan Super Cyan 4 Ultimate
Musu Super Cyan Super Cyan 4 Vegeta
Super Cyan Son Goku got stuck between the bottle and the enemy
Miracles of Friendship in Kalipura and Kale
Cockroach Super Sayan 2 promises with a veteran (angel)
light vitality bird
Reliable Rival Vegetables
Angry Son Goku Counterattack
Boiling Power Super Sayan Son Goku
Amazing Change Super Cyan 3 Son Goku (Angel)
2 The most powerful of all universes Super Cyan 2 Colipla and Super Cyan 2 Black
Super Cyan Son Goku performs a miracle
Super Cyan Godson Ogun Legendary Ribbon
Final Cyan, Power Super Cyan 4 Son Goku
Invincible Cyan Peak Super Cyan 4 Vegeta
Goku is the son of hope in the world
A monster plant that transcends a violent flash
Hard father and son Pargas and Broly
Courage ! Son Goku
Explosive Evolution Turtle
Bardock and Gine motherboard

B Tear Pure Cyan Dragon Ball Z Battle of Duckkan

Super Cyan Son Goku and Super Cyan Vegeta Fusion
Fusion Fighter Super Cyan Son Goku (Angel) and Super Cyan Vegita (Angel)
Goku, son of the eternal legend Super Sayan
Super Cyan 2 Vegeta Infinite Solution
Awake Fighting Spirit Super Cyan 2 Son Goku (Engel)
Nightmare Shock Super Sayan Broly
Angry Birdock Counterattack
Final Super Cyan God SS Son Goku (Kyoken)
Son Goku asked a thousand times
Sayan wrote the Mask of Dark Intentions
Explosive Super Elite Veteran
Strong super attack Son Goku (Kyoken)
Son Goku (Youth) (Giant Monkey)
Technology vs. Super Cyan 2 Sun Goku (GT)
Cruel Crackdown Redditz (giant monkey)
Power for Deathmatch Vegator (giant monkey)
Experienced High Potency Super Cyan 2
Reckless Showdown Super Cyan 2 Son Goku (Angel)
A monster plant with uncompromising determination
Vortex Super Sayan 2 Son Goku
The long-awaited Sirius Dual Super Cyan 2 Son Goku
Shuttering Strike Super Cyan 2 Son Goku
Youngjaes Seungyeon Super Cyan Vegeta
ESP Super Cyan 3 Son Goku (Zeno)
Mythic Evolution Super Cyan 3 Broly
Violent cyan napa / vegetables in the wild
Warrior Dark Mask King shrouded in darkness
Power up via cyan mask to black mask
Ugra son Gokur Chura
The next strike was given to the son of Super Sion SS Goku
Infinite Evolution by Warrior Race Super Cyan Broly
Legend of Eternal Horror Super Cyan Broly
Brawley Evolution Issue (Vred)
Super Cyan Vegita Infinity War Power
Agree with Bhagwan SS Vejita, Pride Super Seer
Opening Team Badak
Over time, Super Cyan Fresh SS Jewish Veteran
Law to Master Super Cyan Hippo
The proof of rigorous training is Super Sayan Son Goku

Tear C Pure Cyan Dragon Ball Z Dokan Battle

Super Cyan God SS Vegeta Warrior Race Passion
Vegeta Prince Super Saiyan 3 (Xeno)
Golden Fist Super Sayan 3 Goku
Super Technical Mystery Super Cyan 3 Goku
Super Power Super Cyan Goku is very hot
All Super Cyan 2 Vegeta in the game
The real price of the Super Cyan 3 Vegeta Warrior
Best Cyan Super Cyan Shin SS Goku
Cyan Jaguar Note Super Cyan God SS Ukong
Private Kyle Jagrat (Bersark)
Hope Full Strike Super Full Power Sai 4 Goku
Cyan Strong’s Mark Super Cyan 3rd Floor
Super Cyan 2 Colifla with infinite possibilities
Goku Punch All Oh Nassing (Youth)
Broly, the super cyan, the super legendary warrior of destruction
Cyan Vegeta, a blood relative of the awakened Cyan
Pacho Sayin Goku in the miraculous Kamehame
Goku Last Second Gambit (Feast of the Sea King)
Hello, Proud Warrior Margin Vegeta
Greaves Victory Super Cyan 3 Goku
Gendang Super Cyan Vegeta Summit
Jumping Hire and Hire Super Sayan Goku
Power beyond the topo of good and evil (God of Destruction Mode)
This concludes the list of Dragon Ball Z Dokan Battle Pure Saiyan series. For the best space fighters in the game, check out our other article on the Dragon Ball Z Docan Space Travel Warrior tearlist.


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