Bassinets are a great way for parents to keep their babies close and comfortable in the early days of infancy. Whether you are looking for something to use at home or on the go, there are many different types of bassinets available. Here is a brief overview of some popular bassinet options. 

  • Standard Bassinets

Standard bassinets provide an ideal sleeping environment for newborns and infants up to 16 pounds in weight. These bassinets feature mesh sides, and a removable mattress and often include a hooded canopy or mosquito netting to protect the baby from the elements. Most standard bassinet models come with wheels so they can be easily moved from one room to another as needed. Bassinets Australia provides an extensive selection of standard bassinets, designed to meet the needs of all families. 

  • Portable/Travel Bassinets

For parents who want their baby close by when travelling, portable travel bassinets offer convenience and portability without sacrificing comfort or safety. These lightweight models typically fold flat and can be easily stored in suitcases or car trunks when not in use. Some versions have extra features such as vibration settings, music players, night lights or storage pockets which make them even more convenient while on the go. 

Benefits of Using a Bassinet

The transition from the hospital to your home can be a stressful time for new parents. Between learning the ropes of parenthood and adjusting to life with a tiny human, it can be easy to overlook important details like what type of sleeping space is best for your baby.

When it comes to infant sleep safety, one great option is a bassinet. Bassinets are small beds designed specifically for newborns and infants up to four months old or until they reach 20 pounds in weight (whichever comes first). They provide babies with an ergonomic sleep surface that helps keep them safe while also keeping them close by so you can check on them throughout the night. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bassinet

When it comes to getting your baby settled in for a good night’s sleep, a bassinet is an essential piece of nursery furniture. Bassinets provide a safe and comfortable spot for infants to rest and sleep, plus they can be moved around the house as needed. But with all the different types of bassinets available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is the right choice for you and your baby. 

Safety Tips for Using a Bassinet

When it comes to keeping your little one safe, there are a few pieces of baby furniture more important than the bassinet. Bassinets provide a safe space for babies to sleep, ensuring that they are off the ground and away from any potential hazards. However, as with any piece of baby furniture, safety must be taken into consideration when using a bassinet. Here are some essential tips for using a bassinet safely:

  • Follow Age and Weight Guidelines

Bassinets come with age and weight restrictions that should never be exceeded. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines before placing your baby in the bassinet, as babies who exceed these limits can become trapped or suffocate inside the structure.

  • Place on Level Ground

Before you place your baby in the bassinet make sure it is situated on level ground free from any bumps or ridges that could cause rocking motion which can lead to suffocation or entrapment risks for your little one.

  • Secure Mattress Firmly

To ensure optimal safety when using a bassinet make sure you secure its mattress firmly inside its frame so that it cannot move around while your child is sleeping in it. 


Bassinets are a great way to keep your newborn safe and comfortable while they sleep. They provide a secure sleeping environment for your baby, as well as an easy way to transport them from one room to another. Bassinets also come in many different styles and materials so you can choose one that fits your needs and style of home. With all the benefits bassinets offer, it’s no wonder why parents often choose them for their newborns.


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